Spire Group Inc. Today Announced the Release of the Next Generation of RAMPs (Reporting Applications for Maintenance, Projects and Production) Software Apps

RAMPs software makes any remote Field work visible with a very robust Daily Progress Reporting, collaboration, approval and feedback system. This new software has significantly more advantages over older versions of Field reporting applications. Field Personnel, Contractors, Support, Supervisors and Management can all connect, view, action and report on Daily Activities, Progress, Delays and other Field actions in real-time.

Las Vegas, NV, April 19, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The new RAMPs software applications launched by Spire Group have more features, user-friendliness and functionality. The strategic improvements and competitive pricing of these Apps put them technically and functionally ahead of anything else currently available for Daily Progress Reporting. Using the software Daily in the Field has resulted in dramatic reductions in Operational costs and improved productivity.

New improvements in the software applications include the ability to run in remote areas where there is no Internet signal available. Handheld devices can store all data, Field Tickets and KPIs locally, until a Wireless, or Cellular signal is later found, synched and uploaded to the database.

The added safety features come from the fact, among other things, that the software runs in a secure https, triple redundant environment, with 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support.

Technically, the new software Apps are dramatically improved over other products with full integration that stores all collected data in real-time and is accessible by all modules including DPRs, Purchase Orders, KPI Dashboards, Excel Pivot Table download, etc.

Best of, all the new software applications with all their new features and capabilities are priced much more cost-effectively than less effective products available elsewhere.

Due to the applications’ ease of use and simple installation requirements, they are friendlier to a diverse and geographically located workforce, less expensive to install and an all-around great value for hosting locations.

A simple, yet profound business model combines the ease of use through a cloud-based, always-on internet solution, with a powerful sharing model that promotes collaboration between Field Contractors and Company personnel, with a very sustaining economic proposition.

Users can easily locate the software applications via any iOS devise, hand held or otherwise.

Spire Group Inc. is integrating these new systems along with other major software applications such as SAP and other enterprise-wide applications.

For more information contact Spire Group Inc. at www.i-ramps.com, or call the Spire Group Inc. at (702) 720-0431.
Spire Group Inc.
Jacque Lange