Pillar Machine Builds New Lockdowel HPLD-Eclips Drill and Insertion Machine to Unveil at Hermance Expo May 10 and 11

Furniture and cabinet makers' demand leads Pillar to build a new drill and insertion machine for Lockdowel Eclips fasteners. See it at the Hermance Expo in Williamsport, PA May 10 and 11.

Pillar Machine Builds New Lockdowel HPLD-Eclips Drill and Insertion Machine to Unveil at Hermance Expo May 10 and 11
Fremont, CA, April 24, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Lockdowel announces the new Pillar Machine HPLD–Eclips CNC drill and insertion machine for the cabinet and furniture industry. The new machine is designed, engineered and manufactured in America to drill and insert Lockdowel’s Eclips 20mm Barbed Channel Lock or H-Clip and 8mm steel spring pin, allowing panels to be fastened without glue, case-clamps or tools—reducing assembly time by 70 percent. The new Pillar HPLD-Eclips CNC drill and insertion machine will debut at the Hermance Expo in Williamsport, Pennsylvania May 10 and 11, 2017: http://www.hermance.com/Hermance-2017-Expo

“The Pillar-HPLD builds on the very successful HPJ systems and control software platform,” Lockdowel CEO Stephen Macdonald says. “Forty percent of the HPJ’s currently installed worldwide work independently from Computer Aided Design software applications, which echoes the ease of which the HPJ is directly programed and controlled.”

The HPJ and HPLD interfaces directly to the premiere CAD applications servicing the panel processing industry. These applications include: Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, KCD, Mosaik, Top Solid, IMOS and others. All of which currently include Lockdowel Eclips cabinet and construction methods for frame-less and face-framed cabinets.

Lockdowel Eclips is the revolutionary, glue-less, tool-less, easiest and fastest assembly fastening-system. The Lockdowel Eclips cabinet construction methods comply with ANSI, BIFMA and WI Certification standards.

The new Pillar, HPLD-Eclips machine drills and inserts the following Lockdowel Eclips products:

E900BP ‐ 20mm Barbed Channel‐Lock
E910BP ‐ 20mm Barbed H‐Clip
8002-40 - 8mm Steel Spring Pin
See the HPLD in action here: https://vimeo.com/213673212

The new Pillar Machine HPLD–Eclips CNC drill and insertion machine can be used for most all panel materials including: MDF; melamine; PVC board; plywood; phenolic; StarBoard; HDPE and hard wood.

Pillar witnessed more and more cabinet box and panel furniture manufacturers moving to embrace the Lockdowel-Eclips Lean Manufacturing process. “Pillar Machine is one of the most successful panel processing CNC edge drill and insertion manufacturers in America. Eclips customer demand moved Pillar to redesign their HPJ platform to create the new HPLD-Eclips CNC drill and insertion machine,” Macdonald said. “Lockdowel is very pleased our prospective customers reached out to Pillar Machine, moving them to redisign the Pillar HPJ platform to support the Lockdowel Eclips Lean Manufacturing process.”

Lockdowel’s Eclips-Lean Manufacturing is the most efficient and profitable panel manufacturing process available today. The HPLD edge drill and insertion is a key component of Eclips Lean Manufacturing. The Lockdowel-Eclips Lean Manufacturing system includes:

CNC router (table, or vertical to route Eclips key-holes in the panel face)
Edge bander (edge band as needed)
Pillar-HPLD-Eclips drill & insertion machine (drill 8mm holes on the panel edge and insert the Eclips fittings Channel Lock, or H-Clip & 8mm Steel Spring Pin). Note: the “case clamp” is no longer required! This is a huge savings in manufacturing space, time and labor.

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