New Option for Nonprofits Will Reduce Online Fundraising Costs and Increase Security

New Option for Nonprofits Will Reduce Online Fundraising Costs and Increase Security
Seattle, WA, August 09, 2017 --( Another new payment processing option from Acceptiva will enable nonprofit organizations of all sizes to use Stripe to cut processing costs, eliminate PCI DSS compliance and offer the professional-looking and secure online interface donors demand.

"Many nonprofits who would like receive online payments for events or fundraising campaigns do not do so because of the uncertain costs of merchant account processing and PCI DSS compliance concerns," explained Acceptiva president John Tedeschi. "Our new Stripe processing option enables nonprofits to confidently offer secure donation and payment forms for any need, without worrying about unexpected costs or technical resources. The Acceptiva service combined with Stripe ensures fixed processing fees and no PCI DSS compliance requirement for clients, greatly simplifying the entire e-commerce aspect of running a nonprofit."

Operating at, the company provides secure online donation and payment forms that nonprofits, like charities, schools and religious institutions, can host on their own websites. The Seattle-based business fills an important niche, because organizations staffed by philanthropists and volunteers often do not have the necessary IT savvy to create secure, well-designed, multi-platform payment forms. Acceptiva offers a $99 monthly fee plan and a small per-transaction fee with no set-up charge and a no-monthly-fee plan with slightly higher per-transaction costs and a $25 setup charge.

"All nonprofits need to fundraise and accept payments online and they need their donors to feel comfortable making donations and payments from any device. Our customer service team works with clients to create secure forms customized to their specific needs," said Tedeschi. "Then we provide them extensive data after the transaction so they can easily reconcile their books and also effectively reach out to those donors again for future initiatives."

For information on Acceptiva and its services, email or call 425.831.2264.
Holly Madland