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Altoma Announces Closing $92,003,500 via 24 Transactions Over 12 Months

Altoma Real Estate Advisors LLC, a CRE debt and equity placement shop based in California, closed $92,003,500 in 23 debt financings and 1 investment sales referral in a 12 month period from mid Nov. 2016 to mid Nov. 2017. The placements include acquisition financing, refinancing and construction financing for new and repeat clients alike, who rely on Altoma for top tier service and certainty of execution, time and time again.

Altoma Announces Closing $92,003,500 via 24 Transactions Over 12 Months
Fresno, CA, November 24, 2017 --( In commercial real estate (& about every other industry), there's an unspoken rule that people tend to focus less on their professional life from Thanksgiving, until about right after New Year's Day. On account of this phenomenon, Altoma thought it prudent to share their 12 months performance of $92,003,500 using November as their trailing period, finishing out the period strong before the start of the holiday season, with over $11,000,000 closed from 10/31/17 to 11/22/17 via 4 transactions.

As the 2017 year heads to a close, rates remain materially unchanged, at historic lows and CMBS maturities are preparing to nosedive comparative to the last 5 years, prompting Altoma Principal Dean Sparks to touch on the following: "It goes without saying that 2018 is going to be an interesting year for our peers in the commercial real estate financing sector. The low hanging fruit of maturing CMBS loans will be significantly constrained in 2018, which will put a damper on CMBS volume and other CRE financing platforms that feasted on this massive pile of maturing debt over the past half a decade. If rates continue to stay relatively stabilized, then acquisition financing on both stabilized and value-add properties, as well as bridge loan take-outs, could partially fill the CMBS maturity void, though displacement and turnover are still likely to occur at both the lender and finance brokerage levels in 2018 and beyond."

The most recent 12 months have been the best of Altoma Real Estate Advisors LLC's tenure in the industry, achieving not only the highest volume out of any 12 month period since 2014, though also continuing to successfully build an enviable book of repeat business. Out of the 23 finance transactions mentioned, 9 were from previous clients, yet it's also important to mention that out of 10 new clients over the past 12 months, no less than 4 of those clients now have second transactions in the Altoma pipeline. This is a testament to Altoma's innate ability to not only execute accordingly, though also do so in a way that provides clients a positive and memorable experience. Transactions over the past 12 months include multifamily, retail, industrial and office, with multifamily and retail taking a larger slice of the pie, comparative to industrial and office. On that note, although hospitality, self storage and mobile home parks were not part of the most recent 12 months of transactions, they are well within Altoma's scope of expertise. To that end, Altoma's closed deals took place in 8 states, primarily in the west, with a slightly higher concentration in California.

On the 2018 outlook and beyond, Altoma principal Dean Sparks had the following to say: "At Altoma, as a one man shop supported by one analyst, with each of us having a penchant for burning the midnight oil, we will continue to do our best to set ourselves apart from our client's alternatives. Fortunately, we have the resources and savvy to deliver the value that even the most discriminating market participants demand. For all aspects of commercial real estate finance, from a plain vanilla single tenant net lease refinance, to ground up construction with structured financing of debt and equity, we are poised to deliver. I implore commercial real estate developers and investors that are not pleased with their current resources to contact us, because we are confident that our first transaction together will not be the last."

About: Altoma Real Estate Advisors LLC is a commercial real estate mortgage and capital markets intermediary based in California. Founded by Dean Sparks in 2012, Altoma started focusing solely on CRE debt and equity placements by 2014, and quickly established themselves as an "outlier." Altoma advises on financings from $1mm to no ceiling, in all CRE asset classes, and in every investment profile. Their clients range from large developers and operators to principals with a single asset.
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