How Direct Interview is Helping Recruiters Find Better Candidates in Half the Time

How Direct Interview is Helping Recruiters Find Better Candidates in Half the Time
Washington, DC, January 25, 2018 --( For hiring managers who spend endless hours screening job applications and interviewing candidates, there is a new platform that will make your work easier and help you hire more qualified applicants.

Direct Interview is a new video interview website that allows recruiters to conveniently pre-screen candidates through video interviews. It eliminates a lot of unnecessary resource-consuming steps associated with the traditional hiring process.

Normally, as the hiring manager, you have to sort through scores of CV to narrow down your pool. Then you extensively research the shortlisted candidates by checking their social media activities, making phone interviews or setting up Skype interviews. It’s a long tedious process before you finally pick the standout candidate.

Direct Interview is changing how you hire for the better. Instead of expending precious time and resources pre-screening candidates, you can quickly judge their qualifications and personality from recorded interviews.

Here’s how it works.
Select the questions you want candidates to answer. Post the link to the questions along with the job listing on your company website. Candidates applying to the job visit Direct Interview and record a live video answering the questions. The video itself will give you a lot of insight into a candidate that you might not get from scouring their social media feeds or talking to them over the phone. You can see their demeanor, analyze how well they explain a point and get a pretty solid idea of their personality, knowledge depth and experience. You can review submitted videos, rate and comment on them and even share them internally. You can also archive video interviews for later review. With Direct Interview for recruiters, it’s easy to pick out the most qualified candidates for final face to face interviews. You save time and money on hiring while improving the quality of candidates you are getting.

It’s especially beneficial for fast-growing businesses that need to hire more people quickly while still maintaining a high recruiting standard.
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Zhan Amalyan