Playing the Game: Create Your Legacy and Preserve Your Estate for Future Generations

In "Playing the Game," Paul Remack applies his years of financial experience to questions that haunt anyone planning to retire with significant assets. The most important thing to understand is that you are playing a game whether you realize it or not. Remack explains why Wealth Transfer and Distribution is a game, and he shows you how that game is played. He lays out the necessary steps for planning retirement and how to avoid unnecessary conflict with the IRS.

Walnut Creek, CA, February 23, 2018 --( Playing the Game Helps People Preserve Their Wealth for Future Generations

Morgan James’ new finance book release, "Playing the Game: Create Your Legacy and Preserve Your Estate for Future Generations" by Paul Remack, is the essential guide for mastering the game of wealth transfer and distribution. It was written for people who want to pass on their fortune to future generations, but do not know the best way to preserve their estate.

Many people have put in years of hard work not only to secure their own future, but also the future of their children and grandchildren. Preserving and distributing this wealth can be a very difficult process, however, especially without a proper understanding of how the “game” of wealth transfer and distribution works. Paul Remack, a financial advisor, wrote "Playing the Game" to simplify this process while helping people keep their fortune intact.

In the game of wealth transfer and distribution, one can easily make extremely costly mistakes, damaging or even destroying the fortune that they have worked so hard to earn. This game forces people to make many financial decisions that they often are not truly prepared to make. Making the wrong decisions can lead to poor investments, unfair taxation, and many other consequences that eat away at a person’s estate. "Playing the Game" contains all of the information and financial advice needed to make wise, informed decisions when passing down one’s wealth, and to preserve as much of it as possible.

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About the Author:

Paul Remack is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Professional Fiduciary with 35 years of experience. He also founded two companies that have helped over 200 families with the challenges of transferring and distributing their estates. His other achievements include being awarded an MS Tax and pursuing a Ph.D. in Renaissance History. Paul now lives in California with his wife.

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"Playing the Game: Create Your Legacy and Preserve Your Estate for Future Generations" by Paul Remack will be released by Morgan James Publishing on February 27, 2018. Playing the Game - ISBN 9781683505655 - has 200 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $16.95.

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