OpenLedger Becomes Aetsoft Partner, Moves to Belarus Hi Tech Park

OpenLedger Becomes Aetsoft Partner, Moves to Belarus Hi Tech Park
Aalborg, Denmark, March 29, 2018 --( OpenLedger ApS group has entered formal partnership with blockchain development veteran Aetsoft, and begun preparations to move to Minsk Hi-Tech Park to take advantage of a more favorable legislative environment.

"This move makes OpenLedger ApS a key player in the emerging blockchain landscape. It’s the culmination of several years of successful partnership and we’re very excited to address untapped business markets with custom blockchain solutions." - Ronny Boesing, CEO at OpenLedger ApS.

OpenLedger ApS creates and implements blockchain solutions for businesses. After working side by side with Aetsoft for many years, the two companies are entering a more formal partnership and moving together to Minsk’s High Tech Park to benefit from legislative support for cryptocurrency and blockchain development.

OpenLedger and Aetsoft: a fruitful partnership

OpenLedger and Aetsoft have worked together to great success over the last three years. Aetsoft brings over a decade of development experience, focusing on blockchain as well as other business-oriented IT development work including digital payments, fintech and AR/VR projects. OpenLedger ApS, meanwhile, has focused on opening up blockchain development for businesses. Now, OpenLedger ApS is partnered with Aetsoft and the two companies will work more closely to develop custom blockchain solutions for a range of business functions.

Hi-Tech Park: a natural environment for development

Minsk’s Hi-Tech Park is a unique environment, offering a freer legislative and tax environment to businesses engaged in IT development of all kinds. OpenLedger ApS and Aetsoft will take advantage of this environment to accelerate time to market for blockchain-based offerings targeted at businesses across multiple industries.

The perfect moment for blockchain technologies

Now is the ideal time to look to accelerate blockchain development efforts. Belarus’ government announced last December that transactions in cryptocurrencies, including crypto-fiat exchanges, would be legal and tax-free for the next five years. This allows blockchain developers to flourish using the technology’s inbuilt capital-raising tools.
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