An American Memoir, Now Available

Dr. Rayna M. Gangi, and Earthwalk-USA release "Humanity, An American Memoir," a 1700 page, three-volume testament of growing up in the fifties, living in a cemetery, being trained by Native American Medicine Women, surviving the Vietnam war, and breaking through the glass ceilings she never believed existed.

Buffalo, NY, June 21, 2018 --( Dr. Rayna M. Gangi releases "Humanity, An American Memoir," a three-volume story that chronicles a woman born between two wars who, at the age of eleven, takes up residence in a cemetery. Injury takes her to a Native American reservation where seven different elders decide to mentor her as a chosen healer.

She joins the Marines after high school, eager to write about the Vietnam war, but becomes an engineer which will later empower her to become the first woman in the country to fix mainframe computers for IBM. There are no glass ceilings for her, and no challenges she can't overcome.

Her diversity, and her belief in love as the ultimate way to walk in truth, takes the reader on a journey that exposes relationships that every American can relate to and either embrace, or discard.

Gangi believes everyone should examine his or her life to truly know they have lived, and "Humanity" does, indeed, examine her life from childhood, to overcoming her last fear.
Elsa Claverie