BeatStoc Platform Prepares to Enter Music Industry Market, Offers Innovation with FanVestingTM Platform

BeatStoc Platform Prepares to Enter Music Industry Market, Offers Innovation with FanVestingTM Platform
Santa Monica, CA, September 18, 2018 --( BeatStoc is poised to enter the lucrative subscription market, with Billboard reporting there are now 51 Million paid Music Streaming subscribers in the U.S. market. On top of those subscribers, there are an additional 29 million users that are either on free trials or have bundled music service like Amazon Prime Music.

Paid music streaming has been helping the U.S. music industry bounce back, as consumers continue to flock to the streaming subscription model. Apple reported overtook Spotify in the U.S. market earlier this year, though both companies should have roughly comparable subscriber bases in the U.S.

BeatStoc’s FanVestingTM platform for Fans
What if you could buy, sell, and trade PoP'sTM (Pieces of PoPularityTM) of your favorite Music Artist? BeatStoc is an exclusive experience platform that sells Pieces of an artist’s Popularity (PoP’s) to their most loyal fans. Beatstoc FanVestingTM empowers PoP holders on the platform to have a direct role in the music they listen to by experiencing a closer connection to their favorite artist. Artists sell a limited number of PoP’s to their fans, and these PoP’s act as “season tickets” that are available for renewal every year. These PoP’s give fans exclusive access to content and experiences only found on BeatStoc.

BeatStoc...Innovation for Artist
BeatStoc provides artists with an opportunity to; monetize their popularity, invest in their fan base, and benefit from the freedom to continue to create by selling Pieces of their Popularity (PoP’s) to their most loyal fans through FanVestingTM. The BeatStoc model generates a royalty that supports the artist’s ability to create content and experiences for exclusive release on the BeatStoc platform. The more content and experiences an artist provides to their fans, the closer the connection they will have, fueling their popularity and success on the platform.

This royalty also supports real world change through BeatStoc Foundation, a non-profit platform that unites the influence of the music industry with the philanthropy of global organizations. Five percent of every PoP sale is designated to a cause of the artist’s choice.

Music Fans, if you could have a one of a kind experience with your favorite artist who would you choose, let us know on social media

BeatStoc’s core technology and business model has wide-ranging applicability across numerous market verticals, including sports, social media, and film, among others. What if you could get in early, Investor Inquiries:
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