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OOTify Teams Up with Hot-Line Leader Crisis Text Line to Expand Support

OOTify Teams Up with Hot-Line Leader Crisis Text Line to Expand Support
Los Angeles, CA, September 21, 2018 --(PR.com)-- OOTify, a mental wellness technology startup based in Los Angeles has partnered with Crisis Text Line to provide emergency intervention for those in need. OOTify is a social enhancement platform that matches individuals seeking support for a range of personal or professional challenges, from daily stress to anxiety or depression, with verified providers, so that they receive timely support and attention. OOTify has partnered with Crisis Text Line to further assist individuals who identify their issue as “high severity.” People can engage with the mobile application or simply text “OOT” to 741741 to be connected to a trained Crisis Counselor. The OOTify–Crisis Text Line Partnership maintains the integrity of both platforms by ensuring that users have access to the appropriate level of care for their needs.

Ravi Sharma, OOTify Founder and Chief Executive Officer, had this to say about the partnership: “Providers on the OOTify platform are mental health practitioners, coaches and mentors, equipped to handle a broad spectrum of mental health and wellness challenges. We want to be sure that an individual who may be high severity, is directed to the right resources such as a Crisis Counselor, the suicide hotline or even emergency services, if necessary. This ensures that those who might be in a fragile place, are attended to in the best possible manner.”

OOTify focuses on leveraging technology to strengthen the mental health of college students, young professionals and new parents - because those transition periods are difficult. The solution offers a streamlined way to connect via audio, video or messaging for one-on-one sessions with Providers that millennials and gen-z feel comfortable with while empowering the Providers at the same time. To solve the mental health crisis in America, the Company has focused on creating a solution that helps both sides of the market. OOTify’s solution isn’t technology alone, though. It’s messaging and re-branding mental health too.

Michael Quiñones, OOTify Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer added, “Millions of people are experiencing mental health challenges every day, yet not receiving support. Through specially curated content, and our unique community forum, The Fabric, OOTify is taking a strategic and creative approach to rebranding mental health in an uplifting and positive manner. OOTify is committed to destigmatizing the conversation of mental health and changing the way we talk about our problems as a community. That’s what we’re calling social enhancement.”

Dr. Paul Puri, OOTify Chief Medical Officer summed up the benefits of the partnership as follows, "Mental health needs vary from person to person, and from moment to moment. Not all therapists and providers are ready or able to deal with high severity situations, and this has been a concern about Teletherapy from all sides. OOTify is creating a resilient system, partnering with the Crisis Text Line, that has resources for the range of mental health problems, even a crisis that requires higher levels of care. This helps providers know that there are referral options in place for potential clients should the need arise."

The mental health crisis is an epidemic that requires clinicians, technologists, businesses, academic institutions, non-profits, teachers, parents - all of us - to effectuate change. Only a 360 degree approach will work and partnerships allow for compounded success for a problem that needs all hands on deck.

About OOTify
OOTify is a mental wellness technology company based in Los Angeles. At OOTify, you can anonymously and securely engage with mental health, coaching, wellness and mindfulness professionals and mentors to overcome your issues through social enhancement. Download the app from your mobile app store, or visit The Fabric, our community forum. For more information, please email info@ootify.com or visit us at www.ootify.com.

About Crisis Text Line
Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 confidential crisis support by text. Each texter is connected to a live Crisis Counselor trained to help texters through an event with active listening and collaborative problem solving. Crisis Text Line Crisis Counselors are volunteers committed to helping people in crisis. For more information, visit www.crisistextline.org.
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