Abrado Direct Displacement UltraClean Saves Operator $200K

Abrado announces Successful Implementation of UltraClean; Balanced Direct Displacement for GOM operator

Houston, TX, October 15, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Abrado announced today that it has completed its first use of the UltraClean Balanced (UCB) Displacement System for a major shelf operator in the Gulf of Mexico using its 200X chemicals.

The UCB Displacement System is a simplified balanced displacement technique utilizing a single Wellbore Complete Spacer (WBC) built using only water, polymer, barite and 200X. The UCB Displacement System in a dry tree scenario is a single spacer. Subsea applications utilize a viscous spacer pumped behind the WBC to assist in removing debris in the riser. 200X is a patented wellbore displacement surfactant used for displacing water based, synthetic and oil based muds to clear brine fluids. It removes mud residue and solids from the wellbore, casing and other metal surfaces on the first application. Federal regulators have agreed that the “Balanced Direct Displacement” will be the preferred method for the GoM in the not so distant future. “Abrado demonstrated the value of its direct displacement technology by successfully performing the entire displacement
operation including short trip in just over 24 hours thus saving the operator more than $200,000 in conventional direct displacement costs, disposal and rig time,” said Mike Rhodes Senior Technical Manager displacements for Abrado. A direct displacement was executed using Abrado’s UCB Displacement System. The displacement procedure was finalized on location and carried out with ZERO QHSE or NPT reports. Once the entire rig’s available completion fluid handling equipment was flushed with Abrado's Rig Wash, the WBC Spacer was mixed and pumped. Spacers returned to surface on time as planned and intact. Pumps were shut down and wellbore cleanout tools were short tripped to top riser brush. Service personnel and company supervisors commented that, “The Riser clean-out tools were perfectly clean.” The tools were then tripped back in hole to bottom and a full circulation was performed per Abrado procedure to ensure all debris was carried out of the well before shutting down.

Corporate Profile
Abrado Wellbore Services is a specialist, global, expandable section milling plug and abandonment service technology company. Abrado’s Medusa® technology in combination with its proprietary downhole video platform significantly reduces the cost and time of plug and abandonment operations and leads to a permanent and visually verifiable rock-to-rock barrier, delivering a definitive sealed wellbore at the end of its productive life. Abrado has amassed extensive expertise in finding solutions to downhole challenges and currently holds more than 20 patents covering specialty tools and methods used in Conventional, Rigless and Thru Tubing P&A, Fishing and Wellbore Cleanout sectors.
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