World Renowned Horsewoman Lets Her Students Tell the Story in New Horsemanship Book

Students of Reach Out to Horses, a comprehensive program for horse enthusiasts to learn more about the language of the horse, compile their stories of discovery in a new book. "Escaping Tradition: The Next Generation of Horsemanship" journeys with 10 students of ROTH and founder, Anna Twinney, as they share their life-altering and illuminating experiences.

World Renowned Horsewoman Lets Her Students Tell the Story in New Horsemanship Book
Elizabeth, CO, December 20, 2018 --( Anna Twinney, a Colorado-based, veteran equine professional, has taught thousands of horse owners all over the world how to better connect with their animals. She’s one of the only English-speaking horse professionals to be asked to teach in China. She’s traveled to Trinidad, Morocco, Spain, Germany, her native UK, and more than a dozen other global locations to share her knowledge. This year, Twinney let her students do the talking in a new book titled: "Escaping Tradition: The Next Generation of Horsemanship."

Twinney is the founder of Reach Out to Horses, a progressive but thorough program that includes teaching students Reiki (also called energy healing), Animal Communication, as well as, the language of the horse, Equus. Escaping Tradition chronicles the journeys and stories of ten ROTH students. Twinney’s teaching, while proven effective, is somewhat different than her counterparts in the industry. ROTH teaches communication over coercion and compassion first. “'If it's the horse's idea it's usually the wrong idea', is a prevalent statement in dominance based horsemanship today. We seek to give the horses a voice and a choice, to ask and not tell,” explains Twinney.

Students who participated in the compilation were eager to share stories of transformation. Surprisingly, but as is often the case when working with horses, the students tell of experiences in which they learned far more than their horses.

“Horses are born and they pretty immediately can walk, trot, canter and gallop. Soon after that, you might see a yearling executing a lovely piaffe on his way to the water trough. Everything humans feel they “teach” a horse how to do, they already know how to do. So, it’s clear that the issue with people and horses lies in the inability to communicate. I teach people how to talk to their horse and how to listen too,” Twinney explained.

In "Escaping Tradition," ROTH students share the many ways in which learning these lessons not only helped them connect more fully with their horses but also how their lives were changed for the better.

“When we slow down to truly observe another being and we make a conscious effort to connect, especially when we don’t share the same culture and language, we begin to learn about ourselves. Our habits, our expectations, our’s all put to the test. The best students embrace that challenge and let it mold them...this book is full of those stories,” Twinney said.

To read the foreword and first chapter of the book, visit for a PDF media copy please reach out to the email or phone number listed.
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