Mom-Powered Prowess Project, Inc. Launches to Improve Workforce Productivity

Prowess Project aims to reduce the $544 billion a year companies lose due to unproductivity

Mom-Powered Prowess Project, Inc. Launches to Improve Workforce Productivity
Austin, TX, May 07, 2019 --( Prowess Project, Inc., a marketplace connecting businesses struggling with productivity issues to an untapped workforce of educated, experienced women in need of flexible jobs, incorporated earlier this year with a mission to not only drive progress in companies but also women's careers.

Prowess Project was established to help reduce the over $544 billion a year companies lose in the U.S. due to unproductivity. According to ServiceNow’s The Productivity Drain report, loss in productivity is due to poor communication, ineffective meetings, and trivial interruptions. Prowess Project’s virtual workforce of project managers and fractional business owners are trained to streamline a company’s procedures and projects to help reach better results faster while saving money.

After vetting applicants and running them through a 16-hour certification course, facilitators - a cross between a Chief Operations Officer and strong Executive Assistant - are matched with businesses based on need, skills and personality compatibility. The specialists are intelligent, competent stay-at-home moms who want to reenter the workforce, but are having trouble finding flexible part-time work that can be done remotely.

The concept of “returnships” - programs helping professionals reenter the workforce after taking time off - are starting to gain popularity, as seen from the recent Series A funding of The Mom Project from Grotech Ventures and Initialized Capital. Whereas a lot of the returnship options today either offer training or a job board, Prowess Project provides both, creating a seamless experience for moms from interest to certification to job placement as well as remaining a part of the company and community.

Ashley Connell, Founder and CEO explains, "Looking at the market, I know it’s the perfect time to launch Prowess Project. Companies are adopting distributed workforces and fractional business ownership, in addition to increasing virtual meetings. Team leaders need to free up brain space to think strategically, our moms need the flexibility to work from home on their schedule, and Prowess Project facilitates all of this."

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About Prowess Project
Prowess Project is an online fractional workforce of educated, experienced people certified in emotional intelligence, team dynamics, project management and the latest tech tools which we pair with underperforming teams. Entrepreneurs and team leads need a cross between a COO & an executive assistant to help streamline and boost productivity - a collective $544B problem annually for US companies. We've tapped a pool of 3+ million "MBA moms" who have taken time off to raise a family and want to get back into the workforce but can't find flexible, empowering jobs.

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