Dusun Announces Its Z-wave Hub in Home Automation

Dusun’s programmable and multi-protocol IoT gateway is known for its easy programming, and multiple protocols compatible. It supports both Z-wave and zigbee to make home gadgets work together.

Los Angeles, CA, August 01, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Within the IoT universe, there are billions of devices connected in different sectors: smart home, smart agriculture, smart building, rental apartment, and etc. In the field of home automation solutions, which is closely related to human life, the Z-Wave hub assumes a key role because of its cross-device compatibility and communication advantages.

Z-Wave and zigbee are wireless protocols that focus on connectivity within the smart home. Because of its superior range, the Z-Wave protocol is becoming the most widely used option in home automation and home security solutions.

Dusun’s programmable and multi-protocol IoT gateway is known for its easy programming, and multiple protocols compatibility. It supports both Z-wave and zigbee to make home gadgets work together. These IoT gateways have integrated with plug-ins, so it can offer cross-platform integration options to reduce the development time, including popular cloud platforms like Tuya, Ayla Networks, Alibaba IoT, Homekit. Due to the Linux OpenWrt system, the Z-wave gateway enables customers to develop IoT projects and applications more flexibly without the development from the ground up.

The Z-wave home automation hub is designed to provide a specific experience and an efficient operating experience with Z-wave devices. Z-wave devices will find each other without extra configuration, they’ll create a mesh network and there’s no need for customers doing a thing actually. The Z-wave hub acts as a “bridge” in connecting Z-wave smart home devices to the clouds. Integrating various devices into one single app, Z-wave hub allows IoT developers simplify the process of building a smart home system.

Dusun’s programmable Z-wave enables the connectivity of equipment and devices, the collection of device data, and the ability to act on that data for an improved smart home experience.

Key Benefits of Z-Wave Controller

1) Programmable: Based on Linux OpenWrt system, the Dusun Z-wave hub allows IoT solution providers to do secondary development easily for their different demands on the smart home or home security projects.

2) Sensors connected: The Z-wave controller can access more than 200 smart devices; including door/window sensors, smart plugs, temperature and humidity sensors, smart door locks, etc.

3) Third platform compatibility: Dusun's Z-Wave IoT gateways have integrated with plug-ins which can transfer data from and to many popular cloud platforms including Tuya, Ayla Networks, Alibaba IoT, Homekit, etc.

“The Z-wave edge home controller is created as a development tool for IoT home automation solutions provider,” said Benny Chan, chief executive officer of Dusun. “With our expertise in embedded technology as well as in manufacture with optimized industrial design and cost, we are looking to build on it and broaden our technology areas of focus for IoT edge computing capability to help more developers,” added Chan.

More detailed information about Dusun’s Z-Wave hub can be found on their website dusuniot.com including the scenarios for a smart home, and other important details.

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