CryoNext Integrative Healthcare of Lake Nona Florida Becomes Official Partner to the WTT Orlando Storm Tennis Team

As the World Team Tennis season comes to an end, the Orlando Storm tennis team turn to CryoNext Integrative Healthcare for recovery, especially Cryotherapy in Lake Nona, home of the USTA World Headquarters.

CryoNext Integrative Healthcare of Lake Nona Florida Becomes Official Partner to the WTT Orlando Storm Tennis Team
Orlando, FL, August 05, 2019 --( CryoNext, leaders in the Whole Body Cryotherapy industry, distributors and manufacturers of innovative sports recovery equipment, are also well known in Central Florida for their state-of-the-art, integrative healthcare facilities, CryoNext Integrative Healthcare.

Launching first in Oviedo, they quickly opened up their second location in Lake Nona, recognizing the valuable potential that Lake Nona will provide when it comes to the sports and medical industries.

“The vision for CryoNext Integrative Healthcare, was to focus on providing the individual with a turnkey wellness system, which includes chiropractic care and alternative recovery and rehabilitation modalities,” stated COO, Joel Cruzada. He concluded, “therapies such as whole body and local cryotherapy, infrared and red light saunas and pods, float therapy, compression, and vibration systems, are just some of the things that are still very new to the health and medical industries, but is now available in Oviedo, Lake Nona and the surrounding Central Florida areas.”

This and so many other reasons is why the Orlando Storm found value in a partnership with CryoNext, especially with their Lake Nona location being so close to the new USTA headquarters. Cryotherapy has quickly become the go-to therapy for elite athletes worldwide. But because CryoNext Integrative Healthcare provides so many other therapies that are proven to speed up recovery and other wellness benefits, the Orlando Storm players are also excited of the value that it will provide themselves and their overall well-being.

The 2019 Orlando Storm team consists of the number five WTA player, Madison Keys, along with teammates, Whitney Osuigwe, Ken Skupski, Darija Jurak, Evan King, and Feliciano Lopez.

The players can now implement a recovery regiment in between their training and their games, without having to travel far from their home court. A visit to CryoNext Integrative Healthcare in Lake Nona, Florida, will provide them with hours and hours of expert wellness care, guided by the lead chiropractic doctor, Dr. Robert Abraham, and his team of Chiropractic Assistants. Hours of training, followed by fast-paced games and frequent travel can wear down an athletes body. The Orlando Storm tennis team know how to make recovery a priority and CryoNext is now their first choice when it comes to quick and proven relief of pain and inflammation and other sports-related injuries.

CryoNext LLC is an Orlando-based company that provides a portfolio of wellness modalities that include innovative nitrogen and electric powered cryosauna technologies as well as the world’s first portable cryotherapy system (Revo Cryo). In addition to having exclusivity of these products in the United States, and a leading provider of these technologies to celebrities and professional athletic teams across the country and the world, they also distribute the world’s first dry float system (Zerobody), whole body red light therapy solutions, infrared saunas and pods and a vast portfolio of innovative wellness systems.

CryoNext Integrative Healthcare is a brand owned by CryoNext, LLC.

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