Sergei Tokarev: Lucky Labs Presents a Children’s Book About a Mathematician Ant

The IT company Lucky Labs has published its seventh book "A Mathematician Who Turned into an Ant" as a part of their charity publishing project. It was announced by the founder of the company and the initiator of the project, Sergei Tokarev.

Sergei Tokarev: Lucky Labs Presents a Children’s Book About a Mathematician Ant
Kyiv, Ukraine, August 28, 2019 --( The book “A Mathematician Who Turned into an Ant” was written by a Japanese mathematician, Masao Morita. With this book, the well-known science educator and TedEx speaker tried for the first time to introduce his own ideas to children. He combined a mathematical view of the world with the concepts of classical Japanese philosophy. His text was illustrated by Katsuji Wakisaka, a famous textile designer and book illustrator. To frame the story, Wakisaka created an eclectic and symbolic series of illustrations.

“By today, the Ukrainian book is the first and only translation of the story about the mathematician ant. The target audience of the book are children that want to develop their mathematical skills. Besides that, they also get an opportunity to immerse into the world of science fiction and Japanese philosophy,” says Sergei Tokarev.

The first presentation of the book was in the Sasha Chekalin library in Kyiv. That day, the readers in the library met a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, a senior researcher in the NASU Institute of Mathematics, Irina Yehorchenko. She showed the young readers that mathematics could be not only complicated but also fascinating.

“Mathematics are a very beautiful and interesting science, and we want children to see this beauty. People invented mathematics to make life easier. That is why it is important to learn how to enjoy the benefits of making better decisions and understanding the world around us. Math helps cultivate one’s mind. Just like physical training, it is important to do math not only once in a while but your whole life. This way, it can change your mind for the better and help you develop thinking skills,” says Irina Yehorchenko.

During the book presentation, the children learned about topology, what Mobius’s ribbon looks like and what it can do, as well as learned about magic squares and symmetry.

“This is the seventh book of the Lucky Books project. Though it is not the first time we choose the mathematical topic. Last year, Lucky Books published a book by the Ukrainian author Kuzko Kuziakin ‘#WHATISMATH?’ The new book will replenish the 150 library funds in seven eastern and southern regions of Ukraine for free,” says Sergei Tokarev.

For the last two years, the Lucky Labs charity initiative has distributed more than 6,000 books to children’s libraries in the Ukraine. The main goal of the project is supporting intellectual Ukrainianization of young people, talented authors, and developing popular literature for teenagers in the Ukrainian language.

Lucky Labs develops software products for marketing, gaming and financial industries. The company's portfolio includes more than 100 mobile and desktop applications. The company sells its products on the western market and in the Asian countries. Today, 950 people work in the Ukrainian offices of Lucky Labs.
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