JDubCarter Music Announces the Release of "Father Forgive 'Em"

Recording Artist and Songwriter JDub Carter release new single, "Father Forgive 'Em" features R&B /Soul Singer Garnett Boldin. Exclusively on the #Dubwatch & all digital platforms Friday. Cinematic music video drops Friday.

JDubCarter Music Announces the Release of "Father Forgive 'Em"
Richmond, VA, September 26, 2019 --(PR.com)-- JDubCarter Music & Publishing L.L.C. returns with a socially and civilly conscious single by Recording Artist and Songwriter JDub Carter. The new song, "Father Forgive 'Em" features R&B /Soul Singer Garnett Boldin.

With Garnett Boldin delivering soulful melodies throughout the recording, it bolsters an R&B/Soul vibe to it. On the other hand, JDub Carter's poignant song lyrics inputs the cultural relevance and relatable subject matter to the collaboration. The music transforms into “Ghetto Gospel.”

In this release, the artists examine all social relevant topics in not only the music industry, but the U.S.A. and the World...Senseless gun violence, criminal justice reform, and the War on Drugs, are all important issues in communities today, and all issues people have experienced in their environments, and in life.

"Father Forgive 'Em" is being released exclusively on the #Dubwatch. A smart watch that contains all released JDubCarter Music, including this single release. The smart watch connects/syncs via Bluetooth to all your electronic devices.

On Sept. 27, 2019, the cinematic music video for "Father Forgive 'Em" will be released, exclusively on JDubCarterMusic.com. The cinematic music video was a collaborative effort between Dubvision Films and Areginal Media.

"Father Forgive 'Em" has a target demographic of males and females (ages 18-50). However, some elements in the cinematic music video will expand the demographic to a younger audience (males and females ages 10-50).

"Father Forgive 'Em" will be available for purchase on Sept. 27 on all digital platforms.

"These artists continue to address the current state of music, media and entertainment industry. JDub Carter Music is continuing to integrate innovative technological ways to compete with the major in providing effective and valuable ways to have music consumed."
-Joseph W. Carter OF (C.E.O. of JDub Carter Music & Publishing L.L.C)

Full details about the music single releases can be found at https://jdubcartermusic.com/music

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"Father Forgive'Em" PDF version of press release

"Father Forgive'Em" PDF version of press release

JDub Carter Music annunces new single "Father Forgive 'Em" featuring Garnett Boldin