SDWR Honors Fallen Officer by Naming Future Service Dog in His Honor

Marysville, TN, November 08, 2019 --( Service Dogs by SDWR has a mission to provide specially-bred dogs for individuals of all ages with invisible disabilities like Diabetes, PTSD, Autism and Seizure Disorder. In addition to the nearly 600 working dogs already placed, there are several hundred more actively enrolled in SDWR’s program.

Through a special initiative, SDWR’s Fallen Officer Puppy Program (FOPP), SDWR pays respect to the legacy of service by fallen American police who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty by naming a service dog after them.

Officer Kenny Moats of the Maryville Police Department Drug Task Force, Maryville, TN has been nominated into their FOPP program by family friends, Jeff and Megan Pass. The Pass family remembers meeting Officer Moats as a first responder when their son Blake had a seizure at school.

Officer Moats lost his life after answering a call out of his jurisdiction for a domestic dispute involving a weapon. Officer Moats was shot and killed sustaining injuries while on duty. He is a true hero. EOW 08/25/16. SDWR has honored Officer Kenny Moats' memory by naming a white labrador retriever puppy, "Moats."

Moats will begin his journey by entering into our service dog raiser program for the next 9-18 months. It is here that a volunteer family will agree to welcome Moats into their home. In the volunteer's loving home, Moats will become comfortable with home life, learn basic obedience, and begin to experience the world through the love and dedication of volunteers. These volunteers help turn puppies into future life-saving service dogs by providing them with important training and obedience skills. Moat's volunteer family will take him everywhere - from work to restaurants, the library, on trips and even grocery shopping. This real-world training imitates the experiences that Moats will need to successfully help become the best service dog possible for his chosen family.

Following Moat's time with his volunteer, he will then be selected for his forever family. Once placed, Moat's will then begin 18 months of custom specific task-oriented training for one of the invisible disabilities we serve. Diabetes, Autism, Seizure Disorder, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

SDWR is honored and privileged to pay respect to the legacy of service by Officer Kenny Moats, who sacrificed his life in the line of duty. Moats will carry on in memoriam of Officer Moat's life of service before self.

Service Dogs by SDWR is a non-profit organization based in Virginia, and relies on donations to help the organization in its mission, “Until there’s a cure... there’s a dog.” To make a donation or learn more about SDWR, please visit the website,

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Beau Warren