BrainCo Announces FDA Approval Process for a More Affordable Smart Prosthetic Hand

The BrainCo prosthetic hand is an advanced and affordable smart prosthetic hand. It gives amputees the ability to intuitively control their prosthetic hand with unlimited gestures and grip patterns, making the prosthetic an innate extension of the user.

BrainCo Announces FDA Approval Process for a More Affordable Smart Prosthetic Hand
Boston, MA, November 16, 2019 --( There are 2 million amputees in the USA. For many of them current prosthetic options fall short. Metal hooks with limited functionality are often chosen over top of the line robotic prosthetics that can cost as much as $60,000. These limited options have left a gap in the market.

BrainCo, a company incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab, is developing a more affordable smart prosthetic, capable of better dexterity at a lower cost than any currently available prosthetic hand. BrainCo's mission is to produce an intuitively controlled prosthetic hand that costs between $10,000 - $15,000.

This prosthetic hand is controlled by the user’s muscle signals which are detected from their residual limb. When the hand’s algorithm detects a user’s intention, the robotic hand mirrors this movement. The more they use the hand, the better the algorithm becomes. This intuitive control is a groundbreaking shift from current models of prosthetic hand control systems.

Many prosthetics on the market rely on physical buttons or shaking the prosthetic to switch between pre-defined gestures. BrainCo’s smart prosthetic can be programmed to execute different gestures and has an intuitive mode where the algorithm will start to learn from the user and move naturally, interpreting signals in real time without the use of pre-defined gestures.

BrainCo is developing this solution to provide amputees with a more useful and affordable prosthetic. The prosthetic hand is designed to empower amputees to achieve their goals and live their lives to the fullest. Some of the amputees BrainCo worked with dreamed of writing calligraphy or playing the piano. With BrainCo's device, amputees have achieved these dreams on national TV in China in front of millions of people.

BrainCo is working through the FDA approval process and anticipates to have the prosthetic hand available in the USA market in 2020.

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Max Newlon