Reveals Unique Customization Method to Bring the Best Out of Ghillie Suit

From sniping to hunting to paintballing, customization of ghillie suit will give the most effective use out of this ultimate in camouflage apparel., a renown online supplier of ghillie suits stepped up to reveal unique customization method. Reveals Unique Customization Method to Bring the Best Out of Ghillie Suit
Austin, TX, April 11, 2008 --( Ghillie suits can be made in several different ways and with a variety of materials. Some ghillie suits makers use Hessian, a rough burlap in flutes that are attached to a net poncho. Other makers use a jute twine to attach to a net poncho. In this day and age, the most common civilian uses of ghillie suits are hunting and paint-balling.

The ghillie suit is ideal for both activities, but with unique customization, one can bring out the most from the ghillie suit.

Standard Feature One Should Look For

Fire Retardant - Treat the ghillie suit with fire retardant before use. Alternatively look to buy a Ghillie that is already certified as fire retardant.

Lightweight - Temperatures inside a Ghillie suit while under activity can reach over 50 Degrees Celsius which is not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous. The best quality Ghillies available weigh in at only 3lbs.

Quality Netting Materials - Must have quality netting materials if it is to remain effectively customizable. The best Ghillie suits come with 3/4" netting that is both proofed against water and bugs.

Ghillie Suit Unique Customization

Velcro Buttons – Normal buttons are constantly getting caught on things while crawling. Consider replacing all of the buttons with Velcro.

Elbow and knee padding – This is the most effective way to prevent the elbows and knees from getting sore.

Camelback - Incorporating a Camelback into the Ghillie Suit will allow user to quench their thirst without giving up their position.

Mosquito netting - Replace the armpits with netting to lower the temperature in that ghillie suit way down.

Thumb loops to the sleeves - Sew on thumb loops to the end of the sleeves. This allows user to put their thumbs into them and will prevent the arms from riding up while trying to get into a better position for that perfect shot.

Leg cuffs to the pants - With the addition of some leg cuffs one can easily keep those pant legs in place so that it doe not start riding up while crawling in prone.

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Harvey Vaughn