AI Journey for Furniture Retailers

Small to Mid-Size Furniture Retailers Now Have Access to Fortune 500 Technology

AI Journey for Furniture Retailers
Chicago, IL, December 12, 2019 --( XSELL Technologies (XSELL) is combining forces with R&A Marketing (R&A) to provide world class artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for their whole group of furniture retail clients. This software is the first of many new additions to be added to R&A’s recently launched online technology division, R&A Engage.

“The furniture and media landscape is shifting every day. Lower price points and market pressures are forcing small independents to play a pure volume game,” said Kyle Doran, Owner & CEO at R&A Marketing. “By joining forces with market leading companies like XSELL we give the power to the independent retailers by providing technology solutions that are typically only available to retailers with large budgets.”

“XSELL and R&A have collaborated to create a SmartBot for Mattress sales that delivers a more personalized and simplified shopping experience for the customer. The SmartBot utilizes the XSELL HiPer Platform and RPA to recognize a customer’s intent by fielding questions during the customers mattress shopping journey. From there, based on the feedback the customer provides, the SmartBot provides the best possible mattress recommendation for the customer,” said Tom Gibson, Managing Director at XSELL Technologies.

"XSELL is excited about the partnership with R&A Marketing and the potential to enable independent retailers to grow market share by leveraging the XSELL HiPer Platform. Frictionless retail and demanding online consumers are making it difficult for the independent retailers to be successful, but we are leveling the playing field by driving more consumer interaction not less. We are creating collective intelligence by combining human insight and machine learning. The goal is to build relationships and trust with every customer and interaction,” said Matthew Coughlin, CEO and Founder at XSELL Technologies.

Smart Bot is one of several planned technology roll outs being added to the R&A Engage platform. There are multiple collaborations for future implementations between R&A and XSELL for R&A client and furniture retailers.

About XSELL Technologies

XSELL Technologies delivers the world’s leading platform for dialogue that builds collective intelligence through combining Human Insight, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation, all brought together by robust Data Sciences. Our people-assisted technology equips your team with the best responses, service, and personalization in real time, every time. What would it mean to your brand if your consumers dealt with your very best agent every time? Visit to learn more about XSELL.

About R&A Marketing

For over three decades R&A Marketing has helped furniture and mattress retailers create effective advertising campaigns that produce results. At R&A Marketing, our goal is to provide the guidance, connections and execution to launch, grow and reinvigorate furniture retailers of all sizes, in all categories.

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About R&A Engage

We build solutions that create an incredible online experience by utilizing today’s advanced communications technology. What usually would take multiple companies and multiple bills to accomplish. We have combined them all into one simple solution. We continue to invest in new technology to be added to the R&A engage platform. Visit to see current technology solutions offers to furniture retailers.
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