CryoNext of Orlando Teams Up with Alabama Crimson Tide in Preparation for the VRBO Citrus Bowl Game of the Century

Alabama Crimson Tide football organization focuses on “Leveling Up” their players with CryoNext’s innovative wellness modalities as they head into Orlando, Florida to face off against Jim Harbaugh’s, Michigan Wolverines team.

CryoNext of Orlando Teams Up with Alabama Crimson Tide in Preparation for the VRBO Citrus Bowl Game of the Century
Orlando, FL, December 31, 2019 --( For over two years, CryoNext has been providing Alabama’s elite football team with the only portable whole-body cryotherapy system available, the RevoCryo, that they have utilized for the last two National Championships. Cryotherapy has become a popular go-to therapy for sports recovery, and other wellness treatments for professional athletes and a growing population of consumers seeking an alternative method for pain relief and a plethora of healing benefits.

Athletic trainers are known for implementing innovative therapies to ensure that their athletes are well optimized, and always game ready. The Crimson Tide training staff at the University of Alabama have leaned on CryoNext to provide their expertise in this area as they continue to upgrade their arsenal of sports recovery modalities. Whether it’s on the field with portable Whole Body Cryotherapy systems like the RevoCryo, or off the field, with dry float systems like the Zerobody or the best electric cryotherapy system on the market that CryoNext provides.

This long awaited battle between two elite coaches, Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh start inside the locker room as they get their players primed and optimized to perform at their peak levels for this year's, game of the century, at the VRBO Citrus Bowl, happening at the Camping World Stadium on New Year’s Day 2020.

In previous years, the Crimson Tide has been recognized by ESPN Sports and Sports Center for their highly energetic performances. “We are always thrilled and honored to assist the team excel to their potential with top innovative and cutting edge wellness technologies whether it’s at their state-of-the-art facilities or on the road with our mobile-ready whole body and local cryotherapy systems,” states Joel Cruzada, President and Founder of CryoNext, LLC.

Alabama has reported to have had a few injuries to key players this season, so it is critical to ensure that the remaining starting lineup are strong and energized to elevate and enhance their minds and bodies to take full charge of the field on game day.

All modalities are exclusive to CryoNext who is based out of Orlando, Florida and are usually one of its kind in the market. This includes the Zerobody Dry Float System, the portable RevoCryo Whole Body Cryotherapy System, the Kaasen Localized Cryotherapy System and the XCryo Electric Cryo System. So many more are available through their catalog found on

Additionally, CryoNext will be showcasing their products and services at their 2nd Annual Human Optimization Event 2.0 event to be held at the famous, ACE Café in downtown Orlando, on Thursday, January 23, 2020, during NFL’s Pro Bowl week and the Pro Bowl Game to be held at the Camping World Stadium. The networking event will be open to the public and is designed for those interested in adding the Future of Wellness to their Health Routine the same way that the Alabama Crimson Tide team and so many others are doing.

CryoNext LLC is an Orlando-based company that provides a portfolio of wellness modalities that include innovative nitrogen and electric powered cryosauna technologies as well as the world’s first portable cryotherapy system (RevoCryo). In addition to having exclusivity of these products in the United States, and a leading provider of these technologies to celebrities and professional athletic teams across the country and the world, they also distribute the world’s first dry float system (Zerobody), whole body red light therapy solutions, infrared saunas and pods and a vast portfolio of innovative wellness systems.

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