TWX Auto Products Disinfect Car's Interior and Exterior

TWX Auto Products Disinfect Car's Interior and Exterior
Düsseldorf, Germany, March 21, 2020 --( TWX Auto is pleased to announce that their car detailing products are designed to disinfect a car's interior and exterior. TWX's Auto product line consists of six different products to allow customers achieve professional car cleaning.

The products - TWX® Auto Exterior cleaner, TWX® Auto Interior cleaner, TWX® Auto Leather cleaner, TWX® Auto Tires Gel, TWX® Auto Wax, and TWX® Auto Windows Water-Repelling Nano Coating were developed for the European market. Currently, they are available in Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania.

TWX® Auto Exterior cleaner is a 3-in-1 formula that cleans, protects and disinfects the automobile with no water.

TWX® Auto Interior cleaner cleans and disinfects any car interior surface.

TWX® Auto Leather cleaner is a 2-in-1 formula that cleans and conditions all the leather in one step.

TWX® Auto Tires Gel cleans and protects rubber surfaces from the impact of harmful UV rays, giving the tires a rich and black gloss.

TWX® Auto Wax polishes, seals and provides a durable protection of a car's exterior.

TWX® Auto Windows Water-Repelling Nano Coating creates a layer of nano particles that repel water and make car windows hydrophobic and clean.

Based in Germany, TWX is a global manufacturing company, specialized in producing high quality car care products and accessories. TWX Auto complete line of car care products are now available at discounted price for a limited period of time.
Oliver Richardson