Sports Trading: The Market That Continues to Show Investors 3% Per Month

Sports Index: The World's Biggest Trading Exchange

Sports Trading: The Market That Continues to Show Investors 3% Per Month
London, United Kingdom, March 24, 2020 --( How is a company like Sports Index still making clients money during financial uncertainty?

Though Sports Index and Sports Trading is largely uncorrelated to financial markets, they do not exist in a vacuum. The postponement of individual fixtures and indeed whole leagues has caused some uncertainty.

It’s worth reminding Traders while the outside world is in a short-term period of social panic, the shares in the sports market are indeed a 3-year bet. During this time, they are underpinned by the value of the dividend yield, which over the last 12 months has paid an average return of 38.47% for the clients of Sports Index. This is critical to remember at all times, but particularly pertinent when we see global challenges like the current short-term viral outbreak.

One of the wonderful elements of Sports Index is that they have a win mechanic which sits outside of the requirement for fixture fulfilment. As promised, they will release a further statement on plans to roll out additional Media Dividend payments in the event of a lockdown on all fixtures.

It is worth noting that Sports Index along with the rest of the world would be hugely surprised if fixtures were not ultimately fulfilled - for the integrity of the competitions, it is absolutely imperative. Clubs will have planned and budgeted for promotion, relegation and European competition. Once the initial shock of the virus is over, things will return to normal. Even in Wuhan, which was the epicentre of the outbreak, life is returning to normal.

There is also an existing blueprint for a major tournament to be played in the winter months as we will see with the World Cup in 2022. In a worst-case scenario, Sports Index imagines there is the potential for Euro 2020 to be moved to the winter also or to the following summer. In any event, they anticipate these matches going ahead, it’s really just a case of when.

Whilst Sports Index have already announced a package of measures to provide stability to the market they will also undertake protective action to limit the impact of irrational/knee-jerk trading. Sports Index likes to discourage short-termism wherever possible. As any seasoned Trader will tell you, a consistent trading strategy that is not knocked off course is the key to success.

Sports Index, although the market leaders don’t claim to know everything about coronavirus, but what they do know with unshakeable certainty is that Sports Index is a long term 3-year bet underpinned by the value of dividends, and that "Football is forever."

This news comes in a week where they paid out over £978,000 in bonuses for all existing clients at Sports Index.
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