Online Christian Revival "For Such a Time as This..." to Provide Encouragement and Hope

Online Christian Revival "For Such a Time as This..." to Provide Encouragement and Hope
Baltimore, MD, March 31, 2020 --( Bob Thibodeau, Pastor with Freedom Through Faith Ministries, has organized a two day, online Christian Revival focused on “Words of Encouragement and Hope,” to take place on Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET both days. The event is called, “For Such A Time As This...”

“Since the majority of Christian believers are unable to attend formal church services, many are feeling cut off from their friends and pastors. But we need to share words of encouragement and words of hope now, more than ever,” says Bob Thibodeau. “In addition, we can help pastors and ministry leaders learn just how effective online ministry can be. They will realize, through this event, how they can have a worldwide ministry through the power of the Internet.”

The “For Such A Time As This” event will be broadcast live on the event website at: and will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube, and on the ministry website, Updated information on the Live Stream capabilities, with links to the appropriate pages on those platforms, can be found at www.ForSuchATimeAsThis.Live. That page is always updated with current information.

The “For Such A Time As This” event is sponsored by and is a Christian Podcast Hosting and Marketing platform, built by Bob Thibodeau, and exclusively helps Christians to start and grow their podcasts. More information on FaithCasters is at

TeamCNE is a Faith based leadership development and marketing company, founded by Chris & Emily Jordan, co-organizers of this event. TeamCNE serves those individuals and businesses looking for direction, focus and inspiration to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals. More information on TeamCNE at

The virtual experience of an online revival is enhanced with the ability of attendees to provide active comments and questions. These can be real time or asked throughout the event. Replays will also be available on the Facebook page and on YouTube as well.

Bob Thibodeau states, “This is time of people being told to maintain social distancing and not attend church services. But this situation is actually giving pastors and ministry leaders a chance to develop new skills in using the Internet and social media to deliver their messages to reach an expanded audience.”

Chris Jordan adds, “Right now is the most critical time in our lifetimes for the global church. We can conform to the world and lose our impact, or we can stand in the truth of the Word of God and see this ‘situation’ as an opportunity to reach the world in a new and exciting way! We have the technology, the ability and the Holy Spirit...and the time is now to take intentional action to bring a real Revival to the world. I am honored to be a part of this fully Online Revival and know all involved will have a major part in the pouring out of faith, hope and love to all who join us!”

Bob adds, “Although scheduled for just two days, we do have the flexibility to continue the Revival for a few more days. If we continue to receive requests from additional pastors and ministries leaders, we might just do that. So I encourage them to reach out to us and we will see what we can do.”

About Bob Thibodeau: Bob is a retired police officer for a Maryland State Police Agency (MDTAP); he is former US Army Cavalry Officer; a business entrepreneur, podcaster, podcasting coaching expert and inspirational conference speaker. He has been operating in online Christian media for over 10 years and is the founder of the highly rated online Christian radio station

About Chris and Emily Jordan: Chris is a prior Law Enforcement Deputy and veteran of the US Air Force with over 20 years of public service. Emily is a certified Pediatric Nurse with over 20 years in the medical field. Together they make up the “CnE” in TeamCNE. Since founding TeamCNE, they have provided leadership and discipleship coaching, speaking and training to hundreds of people at all levels of personal and professional development levels. They created and host a national leadership experience, “Inspired to Lead”, which walks attendees through a progressive development of inspired action that impacts their lives immediately.
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