Datum Software and Partners Complete DISA to AWS Cloud Migration

Datum Software Inc. and it’s teammates NTT DATA (NDFS) and ARRAY Information Technology completed an on-premises Defense Information System Agency (DISA) to Amazon Web Service (AWS) GovCloud migration. This effort took over 120 server instances with 2TB+ of operational and 3TB of analytical data from a stack sever farm into Amazon Web Service (AWS) GovCloud.

Datum Software and Partners Complete DISA to AWS Cloud Migration
Montgomery, AL, April 23, 2020 --(PR.com)-- The Team’s mission was to migrate, lead the design, architecture, infrastructure as code (IaC), and the implementation of the migration.


Both the largest and only self-migration to date for C1, with self-migration being a migration to the cloud done in-house and not with the help of an outside migration vendor

Largest operational data migration to C1

ILS-S was one of the largest Defense Information System Agency (DISA) applications.

ILS-S is the largest USAF Cloud One (C1) application

20,000 direct users over 180,000 supported worldwide

24x7 operation supporting over 280 global locations

Reduced footprint by 58 servers during migration saving the USAF over $444K/year

Cloud Footprint

Deployed across AWS Commercial, AWS GovCloud, and a USAF-specific enclave in AWS

GovCloud known as Cloud One (C1) and is the former Common Computing Environment (CCE). AWS GovCloud houses all 10 ILS-S development environments (Dev Lab) and is the official Government test environment for the program. C1 consists of three environments, Development/Integration, Test, and Production. The form and structure are dictated by C1.

Each environment is a separate VPC.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD); DevSecOps Implements a full CI/CD pipeline with DevSecOps. The tool chain consists of a suite of AWS services. The pipeline can support up to as many baselines as needed with each baseline being deployed to a mini production-like micro environment which is fully accessible by the USAF.

Providing 100% transparency, while complying with all FIAR requirements, into all development activities as they occur.

Throughout the duration of this program they followed a monthly agile releases schedule delivering both functional capability and respective elements of the cloud architecture, tailored and aligned to eliminate all processes and procedures that do not directly contribute to delivering capability to the warfighter. It is a true application of the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto. Before passing judgement, one should watch the “Agile is Dead” presentation from Dave Thomas, one of the founding members of the Agile Manifesto.


Performance Testing

ILS-S has experienced zero performance related issues with the migration to the cloud. This is a direct result of extensive designed and developed Apache JMeter performance tests. Inside of an environment scaled to 1/2 the expected production footprint, ILS-S engineers were able to push over 5 times the peak production load across the cloud architecture. Performance testing and tuning took place October- November 2019 and again February-March 2020.
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