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Art Today: Launching "Painting Storytime" -- Jill Krutick Releases Video Series Exploring the Artistry Behind Her Abstract Paintings

With social distancing and a pause in art shows scheduled this year, Jill Krutick Fine Art has branded a new video series called “Painting Storytime” to bring you closer to this fine artist’s work. Discover your favorite painting by this local artist by exploring the series.

Art Today: Launching "Painting Storytime" -- Jill Krutick Releases Video Series Exploring the Artistry Behind Her Abstract Paintings
Mamaroneck, NY, May 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- The making of the Painting Storytime videos is a collaborative process by the studio’s small team and includes a variety of content: images of works in process, footage of Krutick painting in her studio, photographs from her recent exhibitions, and a background discussion of the inspiration behind the work. Krutick’s studio offers an immersive look at both individual paintings and her painting series to bring viewers closer to her artistic process.

Jill Krutick describes: “The short, two-minute episodes highlight the inspiration, process and adventure behind each of these finished works, and are released regularly on my website and Instagram page at jillkrutickfineart.”

To watch all episodes, including today’s new video release, and to learn more about Painting Storytime, please visit Jill Krutick Fine Art.

The first two episodes of this series are dedicated to individual paintings, which include "Chasing the Invisible" and "Dance of the Caterpillars." "Chasing the Invisible" is a painting inspired by a pop song written and performed by the artist’s daughter, Zoe Allyn Berg. The original song is featured in the video.

"Dance of the Caterpillars," a magical painting inspired by children's fairy tales, was exhibited in two solo museum exhibitions in the past year – the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Coral Springs, Florida and the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, Montana.

The following episode is devoted to her "Ice Cube" series. These geometric works portray overcoming a personal challenge. The artist has created over 100 of these works and the series has emerged as her artistic fingerprint.

The newest episode, released today, features an undersea adventure painting called "The Way We Were." Krutick memorializes the coral reefs before the devastating damage sustained by global warming.

“Heavily textured and colorful, this painting is meant to instill a sense of longing for a time when the ocean was vibrant and stable and untouched by coral bleaching,” Krutick explains.

Music for the series (except "Chasing the Invisible") is composed and performed by Casey Lakritz. Studio photography and Painting Storytime logo illustration is by Simone Kurtz. Animation of the Painting Storytime logo and video editing is by Kathy Mathews.

Please stay tuned for more episodes of "Painting Storytime" and the latest updates by visiting jillkrutickfineart.com, @jillkrutickfineart on Instagram and subscribing to Jill Krutick on YouTube.

About Jill Krutick
Jill Krutick is a fine artist and owner of Jill Krutick Fine Art located in Mamaroneck, New York. Krutick is a contemporary abstract expressionist whose paintings trace the artist’s joyful path of self-discovery and creative exploration. Influenced by modern and contemporary masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Rothko, Krutick combines abstract expressionist gestures, impressionist luminosity, and personal symbols of change. Krutick painted privately for over 30 years and studied at The Art Students League of New York. In 2010, she began publicly exhibiting her work. She has been praised by world-famous art critics including Donald Kuspit, Annette Blaugrund and Anthony Haden-Guest. Her work is in over 100 private and public collections as well as the permanent collections of the Coral Springs Museum of Art and Yellowstone Museum of Art.

About Simone Kurtz
Simone Kurtz is a graphic designer, teacher and illustrator. A 2015 graduate of Pratt Institute majoring in illustration, Kurtz has worked in corporate, entrepreneurial, educational and service sector settings. Kurtz is the Gallery Manager & Production Designer at Jill Krutick Fine Art.

About Casey Lakrtiz
Casey Lakrtiz is a seasoned professional musician and composer with expertise in music education, theory, ear training, and composition with an emphasis on piano and guitar. A graduate of The New School and New York University specializing in music business, performance and composition, Lakrtiz has worked as an artist manager, musical director, music teacher and performer.

About Kathy Mathews
Kathy Mathews is a recent college graduate from Purchase College, School of Art & Design majoring in painting and drawing (2020). Mathews is an experienced art instructor and is the Video Designer at Jill Krutick Fine Art.
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