Yellfy Sports is Being Acquired by a Private Equity Firm

Yellfy Sports is Being Acquired by a Private Equity Firm
Dallas, TX, May 27, 2020 --( Update: Yingit Inc. is being acquired. Yellfy's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engine (Patent pending) are revolutionizing the world of sports betting, player performance, future potential along with perfect recruit(TM) for NCAA or professional sports organizations. Check out @Yellfy on Twitter for their top pinned tweet as one of many examples of how Yellfy Sports correctly predicted the game winner and the point spread for SuperBowl 2020. This is the most recent of a number of similar tweets throughout 2019. The irony is that sports betting was not even part of their road map, as their main business model is SaaS and they are using AI in predicting the future (1 to 4 yrs) of recruiting needs for College and/or Professional sports teams when it comes to players and coaches.

AI Assistant Coaches for NFL & College Football
Yellfy Sports is repurposing/optimizing it's AI engine, that so far has predicted roughly 73% correct game-winner and point spread predictive modeling, to help NFL & Collge Football teams develop and/or improve game strategies, by simply using videos of games and deep machine learning to train computers how to understand the game of football and coach plays for other teams. Effective coaching is a skill that requires experience and is developed over time; it is also an imperfect science. Computers could possibly provide coaches and teams with improved accuracy in analyzing common mistakes and improving plays at a faster rate than humans. A partnership announcement will be made soon, stay tuned as the revolution is just starting.
Yingit Inc.
Ramin Rastin