3RD EYE GROUP Sees New Path for Branding

Client-first visionaries with worldwide reach and intuitive, à la carte branding solutions.

3RD EYE GROUP Sees New Path for Branding
Fernandina Beach, FL, June 26, 2020 --(PR.com)-- “Another marketing agency,” some might balk with rolling eyes. Not Judit Toth, Hungarian-born international marketing professional with over 18 years of experience building and promoting brands across the world. Toth’s 3RD EYE GROUP brings more than an impressive portfolio and team of international professionals to your blossoming brand’s round table; she brings vision.

“We went straight to the cradle of hard work, creativity and efficiency. The legendary European quality standard guarantees that you will get ‘outside the box’ ideas,” says Toth, having crossed the ditch to sunny Florida many years ago to bring what she says is a gamechanger in today’s brand-building landscape: intuition.

3RD EYE GROUP promises a fresh, intuitive suite of marketing services - from graphic design to platform management, videography, full website development and more - but with a strong focus on brand amplification that other agencies all too often underplay. Toth and her international talent hub connect first with their clients at a human level to fully understand their desires and needs, probing for the deep, rich information that will cause target consumers to really feel the brand and experience the product.

3RD EYE GROUP listens when others rush to build, builds when others rush to launch, and only launches when they are sure that their client is ready to take their brand to heights that other agencies do not take the time and care in early development to ensure that, ultimately, the solutions are equivalent to or exceed satisfaction.

We believe in intuition. You must grab the real motivation of your customers to reach them effectively. And that’s exactly our unique ability. We are driven by spiritual flow, but we sublimate it to business world.

With our intuition, you can always be sure that your brand transforms into something bigger.

Come see with us.
Judit Toth
PDF of press release.

PDF of press release.

3RD EYE GROUP Sees New Path For Branding. Client-first visionaries with worldwide reach and intuitive, à la carte branding solutions.