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GroundLevel Insights Inc.

Toronto Businesses Use Local Technology from GroundLevel Insights to Monitor Face Mask Compliance

Canadian company, GroundLevel Insights Inc., provides solutions for COVID compliance such as sensor driven people counting for maintaining capacity restriction thresholds and analyzing CCTV footage to monitor social distancing and face mask detection to meet new bylaws.

Pickering, Canada, July 06, 2020 --( GroundLevel Insights, a Canadian technology company is leading the way in a sector under pressure to make quick pivots in the time of COVID-19 and helping retailers, tourist attractions and government agencies ensure the new bylaw set to take effect on July 7 requiring face mask wearing is easy to monitor.

The company provides solutions for COVID compliance such as sensor driven people counting for maintaining capacity restriction thresholds and analyzing CCTV footage to monitor social distancing and face mask detection.

Scott Bradley of Flour Confections, a Pickering baking supply store is ensuring his customers are wearing face masks as demanded by the bylaw that was recently approved - thanks to these simple additive tools. “I received the 'rules box' from GroundLevel Insights and installed it myself a few weeks back when we reopened to the public, first, as a way to learn more about our customer base which has changed post COVID – now I’m grateful to have a system that sends me a text if a customer removes their face mask or comes into the store without one,” says Bradley.

Asif R. Khan, Founder and CEO of GroundLevel Insights, explains that, “Our solution easily integrates with a company’s existing CCTV camera and applies machine learning algorithms to the existing video to measure social distance, face mask compliance as well as age and gender approximations. All video is processed onsite and we do not use facial recognition, so there are no privacy concerns. Any rules not adhered to, result in an alert being sent to staff via text message or email.” Khan, a tech veteran who started his career in the Silicon Valley over twenty years ago, even has to admit the sophistication of the technology that employs the latest machine learning algorithms, is impressive at meeting the new regulations and, moreover, at keeping shoppers safe and healthy.

Founded in 2018, GroundLevel Insights originally served the emerging cannabis retail market helping the sector make informed business decisions through consumer mobile location data. Because GroundLevel’s platform was built around responding to the high degree of regulation the cannabis sector adheres to, it was an easy pivot to help all businesses make sense of the government standards for reopening in the COVID-19 reality.

To further support clients GroundLevel Insights has added contacting tracing features in their already data rich dashboard to stay on top of regulations. “We saw with our British Columbian clients, who were the first to go through reopening, that there was a lot of fear, as the regulations were different for many verticals and the government warned there would be patrolling by a greater number of enforcement officers issuing harsh penalties to violators, potentially capable of toppling business already vulnerable after months of closures.

“COVID has caused an accelerated digital transformation for our clients. They have made a very affordable investment to meet health requirements, but quickly learned they are now in possession of rich consumer insights that will help their business grow, even in a slower recovery market. In the true sense of ‘we are all in this together,’ we are seeing our clients work in partnerships with other retailers. With location data they are able to now see where their customers are before and after via the GroundLevel dashboard and are reaching out to those businesses and striking mutually beneficial arrangements to drive return customers and cross marketing efforts,” says Khan.

About GroundLevel Insights
GroundLevel Insights is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform rooted in tracking the physical movement of customers by aggregating anonymous, privacy-compliant data and giving clients the intelligence on both their customers and competitors- always keeping them in a position to grow, respond and win. GroundLevel taps into data from CCTV cameras, thermal sensors, social apps, maps, weather, gender, age... no significant data link was left out. The powerful dataset includes over 150 billion rows per month lassoed into an elegant, customizable dashboard that allows for bespoke insights. Groundlevel gives users the ability to export data for propensity models and allows for integration with an ever-growing number of POS systems, apps and CRMs for analytical decision making.
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