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Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. - Experts in Solar Energy

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. is open to any cooperation in the field of green solar energy in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. is ready to share with its customers its vast and long-term experience in this field, respecting the responsibility and importance of development of green power generation in the world.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. - Experts in Solar Energy
Warszawa, Poland, August 11, 2020 --( The company Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. is one of the leading experts in construction of various industrial solar power plants, implementing both stationary and tracking systems. However, 17 years ago, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. was itself a customer and ordered the equipment for its first private solar power plant. Back in 2003, the construction of solar power plants in Europe was a new thing, and a large investment. Even the 3MW power plant was a very expensive and risky investment project. It was the very beginning of the green energy era, and there was a lack of qualified designers and contractors to execute such construction. The cost of solar panels and inverters at that time was much higher.

The correct choice of a responsible designer and contractor from Czech Republic allowed Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. to build its first solar power station without unnecessary extra costs and complications, which still in 2020 produces electric power and sells it to the grid. For the construction of the first power plant, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. used galvanized steel piles for mounting structures which hold solar panels. Only the upper part of the mounts was assembled from expensive aluminum slats. This significantly reduced the overall cost of metal frames for solar panels. The correct choice of a high-quality Chinese manufacturer for the solar panels produced an excellent result, based on its practical operation within the past 17 years: a minor degrading of the panels in the course of its operational life, lower than initially predicted according to the original project schedule. Just a few failures occurred in a couple of panels after the expiration of the 10-years warranty period. By choosing the right dealer, rather than ordering the panels directly from the manufacturer, the purchase cost of the panels was also lower. The low cost of photovoltaic modules also reduced the investment return period of that power plant.

The right choice of linear inverters and refusal of using large central inverters after many years of operation has proven to be the correct decision. Nowadays, all the solutions available on the market are based on such a combination. This choice has proven its reliability and competitive price. One of the most problematic issues was the protection and cleaning of the cooling fans of the inverters. Now the leading Chinese manufacturers offer the inverters without fans, but rather with radiator type cooling, which is much more reliable.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. chose to use dry type transformers, instead of the oil-filled transformers. Dry type transformers ensured reliable operation and failure-free performance uptime throughout all these years, even though their price was a little higher.

Even after 17 years, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. will offer such constructive solutions when building new solar power plants of 5-15MW capacity. Of course, nowadays it is more efficient to use tracking systems with the two-axis positioning of solar panels, which allow panels to follow the sun movement, thus achieving larger electricity generation and faster return on investment.

Considering the company’s experience in the construction of its own solar power plants and in the design and construction of solar power plants for other clients, and having well established relations with contractors and suppliers from China, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and Singapore, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. is ready to offer its customers excellent and well-balanced solutions for reliable and continuous operation of a solar power plant.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd.'s experience will also help to reduce the construction costs of a modern solar power plant, using only effective and time-proven concepts and refusing unnecessary expensive solutions.
Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd.
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