Houston International Equipment Selects Kenedy, TX for Inaugural Location for USA Expansion

Houston International Equipment Selects Kenedy, TX for Inaugural Location for USA Expansion
Houston, TX, August 07, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Houston International Equipment, Inc. (HIE), selects Kenedy, TX for inaugural location in USA expansion.

Houston International Equipment, Inc. (HIE), a leader in the industrial pump and chemical injection pump market and solutions provider to Latin America since 1987, has selected Kenedy, TX as the first location for the recently announced USA expansion.

Kenedy, TX is in the heart of the Eagle Ford shale, which makes this location a natural selection for Houston International Equipment, Inc.

“The new Kenedy location will serve as a foundation for the USA expansion effort. The Eagle Ford Shale is poised for a strong Q4, and key production companies have made significant commitments for late 2020 and 2021. This, along with other indicators, makes Kenedy a prime location for HIE,” said Jeff Roach, President, USA Operations.

“The Eagle Ford Shale is a key target for HIE,” said Daniel Rangel, CEO, Houston International Equipment, Inc. “Kenedy, TX is well positioned in the south Texas play and offers an environment that is conducive for a successful launch of the USA Expansion Initiative. With a target launch date of September 1st, 2020, we will be ready to serve our customers for the new location in Kenedy.”

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Houston International Equipment, Inc. provides pumping and processing solutions to the energy and industrial markets of Latin America and the Caribbean. Houston International Equipment, Inc. is an authorized distributor of nationally known, top tier brands that offer products for applications such as, Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment, Water Injection Pumps, Reciprocating Pumps, Chemical Injection Pumps and Pump Repair Services, along with other energy production and process solutions.
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