Manimas Offers Electoral Vote Donation to DNC

Write-in Presidential candidate John Manimas and the Real Democracy Party have extended an offer to donate any electoral votes awarded to John Manimas to the Democratic candidate but only if the House of Representatives first passes specified elections reforms, including mandatory voting.

Manimas Offers Electoral Vote Donation to DNC
Schenectady, NY, August 12, 2020 --( Manimas stated that on August 5, 2020, the minor Real Democracy Party (RDP) issued their "Final Offer" to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) "so that Americans can begin to have majority rule like other republics." Posted on the RDP website the written offer lists five major elements in a "Rule by the People Act" which is demanded by the new RDP in exchange for any electoral votes earned by Manimas in the 2020 presidential election. Manimas is a write-in candidate declared in eighteen states that permit and count write-in votes for the office of President. Manimas is the Chair of the National Committee of the Real Democracy Party in the State of New York, and the new party's presidential candidate.

Manimas said, "We believe the people are frustrated to the max with the incompetence and destruction brought about by the two-party seesaw and the way that the two-party system makes our election process a gambling game for the American nobility instead of a serious democratic process." Manimas and the RDP hopes to arouse non-voters all over the country to hear their warning that it is not enough to protest and talk and write books.

Manimas said: "The non-voters must register as no-party voters and break the cycle of each election being like a dirty football game between the Bluebirds and the Red Snappers. In order to help retire the two-party system, the Real Democracy Party offers non-voters the opportunity to vote as a group by writing in John Manimas for President and then John Manimas will donate his electoral votes to the Democratic candidate for President if and only if the House of Representatives first passes an elections reforms act."

The five major elements of elections reforms demanded by the Real Democracy Party are: A) Mandatory Voting, with a minor penalty only for citizens who have an income tax liability; B) Practical Uniformity of State Election Practices, where the 50 states cooperate to establish a list of best elections practices instead of wildly different elections practices and standards for counting ballots; C) Competitive Election Practices, meaning employment of ranked-choice voting, fusion voting, and political party coalitions in the election process. D) Suppression of Voting is a Criminal Act, so that any person who participates in efforts to prevent poor people or minority groups from voting will be convicted of a felony and fined or imprisoned. E) Timely Coordination with the United States Senate. The elections reforms passed by the House will be passed by the new United States Senate within 120 days. "This is all possible," Manimas said, "because the new Senate of 2021 may be controlled by the Democrats instead of continuing to be controlled by the Republican anti-democracy forces."

Manimas said that the eighteen states where he filed declaration papers to have write-in votes for him counted are: Alabama (9), California (55), Florida (29), Maine (4), Michigan (16), Minnesota (10), Nebraska (5), New Hampshire (4), North Carolina (15), Ohio (18), Oregon (7), Pennsylvania (20), New York (29), Vermont (3), Virginia (13), Washington (7), Wisconsin (10), Wyoming (3), for a total of 257 electoral votes.
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