Better Together: Verimos and Miracle of Motion Bring Physical Well-Being to Verimos Customers

Technology Alliance Will Keep Essential Workers Healthy, and Avoid Costs for Customers

Austin, TX, August 25, 2020 --( Verimos today announced a business alliance with Colorado-based MM Analytics LLC whose groundbreaking technology product, Miracle of Motion, helps companies assess and support musculoskeletal health and well-being.

“We were blown away by Miracle of Motion, and the ROI that their customers are experiencing by using their assessment methodologies, stretching routines, and workplace safety features,” said Verimos CEO Bryan Menell. “We’re building a subset of these features into the Verimos mobile application and integrating them with our Well For Work module to ensure that foundational workers are at their best.”

Physical Well-Being
In conjunction with Miracle of Motion technology, the Verimos mobile application will deliver a personalized pre- and post-workshift stretching regimen that will physically prepare each member of your work family for the day ahead. When extreme pain and discomfort are noted, Verimos users will be able to request temporarily lighter duty from their supervisor, and access free telemedicine services at no cost directly through the Verimos mobile application.

Keep Workers Working and Earning
Verimos brings resources and capabilities directly to each member of the essential workforce through their smartphone, alleviating the need to take time off work. For most non-desk workers, time missed at work means pay they are not earning.

Dimensions of Wellness
Physical wellness is merely one dimension of overall wellness that Verimos works to assess and support for deskless workers. This alliance with MM Analytics LLC bolsters the features of the Verimos mobile application that the distributed workforce uses to stay pain free when performing work tasks that require lifting goods or equipment, bending at the waist and joints, or even in a sitting position while driving a truck all day.

About Verimos
Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the foundational workforce; the 80% of the global workforce does not sit behind a desk every day. They are distributed, diverse, and deskless.

We develop multilingual mobile technology to make it easy for our members to confirm they are Well For Work™ and to seamlessly access affordable resources when they are not. We empower businesses to support their foundational workers, enjoying lower turnover, less sick time, and higher loyalty within their work family. We support industries such as restaurants, hotels, construction, transportation, manufacturing, the gig economy, municipalities, and education.

About MM Analytics
Miracle of Motion is the leading technology platform for managing repetitive injury risk in a growing variety of job categories. The product measures factors such as mood, stress, sleep, BMI, industry, and shift against musculoskeletal pain levels to generate a predictive risk profile. That profile generates personalized pre- and post- work stretching routines to significantly reduce recordable work issues, claims, injury rates, cost per incident, and time lost per incident. With our user friendly application that can be deployed one hundred percent remotely we can avoid and reduce musculoskeletal issues in the workforce, and deliver meaningful return on investment to our customers.


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