Freight Girlz Launches Live Rate Per Mile Data by Equipment Type and Publishes Their Dispatch Log on Their Website for Customer Transparency

Freight Girlz has become a well-recognized leader in truck dispatching. Providing dispatch services across all 48 States and Canada for over the road trucks. Procuring the highest rates in the industry with a professional team of dispatchers.

Freight Girlz Launches Live Rate Per Mile Data by Equipment Type and Publishes Their Dispatch Log on Their Website for Customer Transparency
Tucson, AZ, September 14, 2020 --( Mr. Jay Schmidlapp, the president of JTAC Services Inc. which is an aviation consulting firm specializing in helicopter shipboard operations internationally, started Freight Girlz in April 2020. He has brought his 25 + years of flying and his aviation standard operating procedures (SOPs) background to Freight Girlz. They have developed full SOPs for their business model which all employees have read and signed. "Uniformity is key to the success of any company," says Schmidlapp. Further he said, "We're in a service-oriented industry so it is critical we pay particularly close attention to the needs of our carriers. Without our carriers we would not exist so we all need to be thankful for their service."

With five dispatchers positioned in multiple time zones they're able to provide unparalleled dispatch services for over the road truckers (OTR). Freight Girlz is now booking over $500,000 in freight every month.

Freight Girlz is the only truck dispatch service that publishes it's dispatch log on their website in real-time along with average rate per mile broken down by equipment type (Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Step Deck & Hot Shot). "We believe in complete transparency to our carriers so they can make educated decisions based on live data before signing up with us," Schmidlapp explained. He also said, "Two things our carriers like is we do not have contracts and you get to keep the detention pay." Many dispatchers charge additional percentages on top of just the dispatch itself creating additional expenses for the already thinned profit margins of the carrier.

Ms. Abby Barros who is Freight Girlz's Support Specialist was handpicked by Freight Girlz's president Mr. Schmidlapp. Barros was a former sales associate selling their load board platform which is used for sourcing freight for truck carriers. Barros brings years of fortune 500 sales and marketing experience. "I feel better positioned with Freight Girlz for actually helping the trucking industry instead of selling a piece of software," says Barros.

Ms. Barros speaks with single owner operators and fleet owners on a daily basis providing guidance on building their companies. She has helped single owners become fleets in short order. Experts in multiple equipment types such as Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Step Deck & Hot Shot she has built a broad network of direct shipper and broker relationships able to provide dedicated lanes for our carriers.

Ms. Barros says, "It is extremely important to understand freight chainalytics and how it ebbs and flows in volatile market conditions such as the COVID pandemic. We help our carriers better understand where to position themselves from a business standpoint and develop the best ways of moving their assets in the spot market. We have seen record level rates with large tender rejections to levels not unlike 2018." She stays well informed within her field consulting with FreightWaves and watching weekly webinars.

"Right now, is a carriers' market with large volumes of freight to be moved but the big questions is when will this wave crest?" says Barros.

The future for Freight Girlz is bright with solid growth forecasted while building its customer base and relationships within the industry.
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