Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized-P.O.W.E.R. Honors Their New Women of Empowerment Members

Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized-P.O.W.E.R. Honors Their New Women of Empowerment Members
Manhasset, NY, October 15, 2020 --( P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) honors their new Women of Empowerment members who are being recognized for their achievements and contributions in the many fields and industries listed.

About The New Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to welcome the new Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Jamila K. Robinson--Cleaning Service
Tina Johnson--Beauty/Cosmetics
Gloria Gaynor--Entertainment
Jenniffer Whittingham--Information Technology/IT
Julie A. Korecky--Pet Care
LaToya M. Jackson--Catering
Reshanett McDermott--E-Commerce
Sarah Weber--Safety Officer
Stephanie Gabrielle Etienne--Retail Industry
Abigail Bueno--Financial Services
Addie Lookado--Transportation
Mayuri R. Nayan--Insurance
Karen McLean--Insurance
Marquita L. Davis--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Arikka R. Manning--Financial Services
Dorothy A. Cannon--Education
Nancy Grabusnik--Retail Industry
Nonye T. Iwuh--Home Healthcare
Lesia Arnett--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Laura A. Moscatelli--Real Estate
Peggy Black--Notary Public
Christina R. Bray--Mental Health Care
ShaTarrah L. Watts--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Isabel Leigh Skarzynski--Health/Fitness
Pamela Y. Lindsay--Courier Services
Euhenia B. Baalla--Mental Health Care
Monique Pena Scott--Mental Health Care
Eunice O. Ogbebor--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Tabitha A. Sanders--Mental Health Care
Kerri Payne James--Real Estate
Sabra R. Sasson--Law/Legal Services
Sarah Sigouin--Banking
Elischia Fludd--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Shelbra K. Bullock--Education
Katelyn Wujciga--Construction/Building
Tina M.B. Waggoner--Manufacturing
Amanda Shall--Aerospace/Aviation
Lyn Geist--Advertising/Marketing
Claudine A. Mardehow--Education
Charkela G. williams--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Barbara L. Sanchez--Entertainment
Michelle D. Warren--Real Estate
Amalia A. Thomas--Publishing
Edna Gore--Retail Industry
Guirlene J. Thomas--Nutrition/Wellness
Perla J. Thomas--Insurance
Sheila D. Lowe--Retail Industry
Katie M. Hruska--Education
Naomi Sitton--Healthcare
Stephanie A. McCraw--Healthcare
Wendy S. Wickwire--Business Consulting
Debbie Glaab--Healthcare
Michelle M. Dabney--Education
Lenora L. Paige--Construction/Building
Denise L. Fairley--Healthcare
Joyce Rucker--Embroidery/Alterations
Hyacinth McLeod--Beauty/Cosmetics
Jerushka Ellis--Education
Sarah L. Wiseman--Manufacturing
Glenda S. Willis--Real Estate
Idara F. Abasi--Event Services
Gail Kelleher--Advertising/Marketing
Lillian A. Yanney--Logistics/Procurement
Jatinder Kaur--Real Estate
Kesha L. Williams--Education
Eneida S. Thorne--E-Commerce
Denice L. Vitale--Financial Services
Sharon T. Stukalo--Construction/Building
Carolyn Zettel-Augustyn--Education
Stephanie D. Cauley--Health Services
Judy Caspe--Medical Equipment
sadeem fayyaz--Accounting
Lolettima O. Johnson--Healthcare
Halina T. Biernacki--Information Technology/IT
Sharon C. Parks--Consulting
Angela Posillico--Entertainment
Miriam T. Gilharry--Home Healthcare
Elizabeth Wallace Hunt--Publishing
Tamarisk S. Marshall--Healthcare
Rita M. Johnson--Home Healthcare
Georgette D. Charles--Cleaning Service
Janet L. Johnson--Home Healthcare
Angela L. Day--Publishing
Rumpa Amornmarn--Healthcare
Jomia K. Christian--Beauty/Cosmetics
Laurena R. Mott--Health Services
Patricia N. Saintelus--Education
Becca A. Davis Meisner--Manufacturing
Thu Schoenberg--Information Technology/IT
Nicolette G. Chavez--Health Services
Mahnaz Fahr--Real Estate
Regina Bowens—Janitorial Services
Frantzie Daniel--Healthcare
Glenna Taylor-Smith--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Anamae Saavedra--Insurance
Jinnifer Hill--Cleaning Service
Janice A. Nidbauer--Jewelry
Gina L. Chapman--Retail Industry
Arianne Abraham-Howey--Real Estate
Drevita Elmore Witter--Business
Mari L. Kelley--Health Services
Sue Hoffman--Advertising/Marketing
Beverly Gower--Real Estate
Sana Akkad--Consulting
Michelle D. Poole--Healthcare
Tonisha M. Harrison--Healthcare
Gwendolyn A. Shelton-Gaskins--Healthcare
Annalucy L. LaChance--Catering
Argene Pruitt--Consulting
Rakeina N. Coleman--Health Services
Lynea A. Benjamin--Cleaning Service
Heidi L. Shierry--Business
Linda D. Brown--Transportation
Colleen A. Haney--Alternative Medicine
Debra Adler Klein--Healthcare
Adrienne E. Carlisle--Spirituality
Martina C. Nwankpa--Healthcare
De'Etra L. Moore--Real Estate
Venevia L. Carter--Financial Services
Courtney Linsenmeyer-O'Brien--Mental Health Care
Ieisha K. Hall--Beauty/Cosmetics
Melanie M. Miller--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Janae A. Johnson--Healthcare
Corinn N. Sanders--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Michelle L. Brown--Coaching
Liliana Kottwitz--Law/Legal Services
Margaret J. Bethea--Healthcare
Diane M. Anderson--Mental Health Care
Florence A. Ericson--Retail Industry
Debra S. Gaines--Law/Legal Services
Nina Michelle Johnson--Education
Natalie R. Payton--Government
Kimberly M. Davis--Financial Services
Sarah Karvelas--Human Services
Laura Lyons--Consulting
Grace M, Hamilton--Healthcare
Christina Cao--Pharmaceuticals
Aniko A. Okedele--Home Healthcare
Lauren D. Wenzell--Consulting
Nicole B. Simpson--Financial Services
Marcela Kane--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Jessica Cantrell--Healthcare
Lily T. Pohl--Beauty/Cosmetics
Debra Granich--Red Hat Society
Tanya L. Ferreiro--Health Services
Jodi R. Limper--Personal Services
Mazine G. Hudgins--Education
Marye E. Carter--Education
Olivia F. Naus--Retail Industry
Grace Uitenham--Architecture/Planning/Design
Michelle Corbert--Massage Therapy
Karen Owens--Food/Beverages
Sonja T. Spencer--Healthcare
Coulsander Johnson--Home Healthcare
Misty N. Richardson--Event Services
Vhalarrie Y. Sandling--Mental Health Care
Calaundra Knight--Art
Debra B. Perry--Publishing
Gwendolyn Meeks--Human Services
Annie Jones Holmes--Publishing
Stephanie Y. Clark--Financial Services
Amanda M. Gafford--Event Services
Ruthie D. Alexander--Mental Health Care
Rashida Qasin--Electrical/Electronic
Margaret Lotz--Cleaning Service
Colelisa F. Estridge--Health Services
Yashka Anissa Dolmo--Language Interpretation
Hasana-Nine Hull--Coaching
Kathy Case--Construction/Building
Billie Rachelle Yarbrough--Publishing
Mary Ann Bone--Financial Services
Loanna Lee Halcomb--Healthcare
Marsha M. Hanson--HVAC
Victoria Wieck--Jewelry
Feifei Wu--Information Technology/IT
Cynthia M. Dugas--Food/Beverages
Rose Naghdi--Real Estate
Cathy Casalicchio--Real Estate
Shevis V. Harris--Health/Fitness
Tiffany A. Paovella--Food/Beverages
Michele Paciello Kirkwood--Education
Devan J. Moore--Entertainment
Yeardley Smith--Entertainment
Jillian Michaels--Health/Fitness
Nicole Saphier--Healthcare
Chavonne D. Moss--Healthcare
Tammie C. Stephens--Food/Beverages
Eleuza C. Souza--Beauty/Cosmetics
Donna R. Ellis--Law/Legal Services
Maureen Mullins--Equestrian
Cheryl L. Swisher--Law/Legal Services
Chichina Smith--Catering
Annette Stewart--Communications
Deborah L. Brown--Government
Savannah L. Cowell--Religion
Deanna F. Sery--Financial Services
Rosanne Shontelle Moon--Entertainment
Karen Baxter--Business Owner
Michelle A. Clark--Construction/Building
Gracelyn R. Whyte-Farquharson--Education
Priscilla DiStasio--Beauty/Cosmetics

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