Mobiblade: One-Stop Solution for Marketers to Reach the Chinese Audience

Mobiblade, a leading digital performance agency, is pleased to inform its clients that as the industry experts on the Chinese market, it continues to enhance its services by offering an expanding range of tools, enabling ad campaigns to be created quickly and easily.

Mobiblade: One-Stop Solution for Marketers to Reach the Chinese Audience
Limassol, Cyprus, October 21, 2020 --( How to enter the Chinese market? How to incorporate the mentality of these people when preparing creatives, landing pages, and promo offers? Is it worth starting immediately with the prize drawing, or is it better to talk about the benefits of the company? If so, which points should Chinese clients be interested in first?

These and other questions revolve in the head of every marketer who realized that their services have not yet been presented on the Chinese market, which means that they are losing thousands of potential clients.

There is no secret that the Chinese digital market is the most saturated in the world. It focuses on gamification and vibrant colors. However, this is far from all you should know to grab the attention of that audience. Definitely, the accuracy of the selected audience, placement platforms, types of ad creatives, as well as the active maintenance of brand accounts on social networks in native Chinese, play a big role.

All that is within the power of extremely experienced local marketing professionals. Collaborating with them allows to save a significant amount of time, money, and nerves and to run ads in Chinese social media and search engines with maximum precision.

Mobiblade International Agency has a separate department specializing only in working with China. From creating a landing page to managing your social networks in truly native Chinese.

Mobiblade team use cutting edge programmatic marketing instruments to target extremely specific audience. They collaborate with Top Chinese influencers and use the technology of tomorrow, EternityX, to reach 99% of netizens, simultaneously reducing the costs of ads. Each step with Mobiblade is a step to result.

After simple registration, your company representative could choose one of two basic marketing plans available, fill out some broker's details, receive an automatic invoice, make a payment and enjoy getting immediately started with the Mobiblade team.

Ultimate options

Marketers can choose one of two progressive starting marketing plans: “Social” and “Social + Search” or request a custom solution for their campaigns.

With “Social,” you will get a WeChat, Weibo, YouKu and iQiyi Verified Accounts to reach a billion of users: post articles, create moments for your followers, run ad campaigns and create mini sites to introduce users to your product. Also, Mobiblade as an official reseller of Alibaba Cloud will consult you with Web Hosting, ICP licensing and website domains.

With “Social + Search” you will additionally get accounts in Baidu, Qihoo 360 and Sogou, receive professional keywords research and a PPC Ad campaign structure. All subsequent work is based on cutting edge marketing tools.

The agency works with all popular social platforms and search engines, so the real list of places for your advertising is much wider.

All posts, creatives, and articles will be written by native Chinese. Moreover, any of your news and offers will be quickly and clearly localized so you will speak in the same language with the audience.

Additionally, Mobiblade will host a webinar on 29th of October to discuss key aspects in China digital advertising. Reserve your seat today by clicking on the following link:
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