Rishi Khandelwal Explores Students Making Most of COVID Situation

Rishi Khandelwal Encourages Every Student to Improve Their Vocabulary and Writing Skills in Their Free Time. Rishi Khandelwal Also Recommends Students Work on Their Soft Skills.

Rishi Khandelwal Explores Students Making Most of COVID Situation
Sydney, Australia, October 21, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Many students are stranded worldwide and confined to their cities not being able to pursue their degrees due to COVID. Some were already in the middle of their course before the hiatus, others were about to commence. Irrespective of your Rishi Khandelwal states that there are several ways to keep yourself productive and proactive in this pandemic. Her shares his insights from working in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

"This is the time to upskill yourself. No matter what country, what course and what level – start with your documentation skills. Try to get a head start for your further studies. For example, many students do not know or want to learn about referencing. If you have never heard of this concept and trying to enroll in a foreign university get familiar with their referencing norms and standards. Now would also be a good time to brush up your presentation skills in Powerpoint, learning how to write effective emails and working on your grammar skills. Complement these with improving IT skills. Typing speed is an underestimated one. Imagine going from 10 words a minute to about 40 words a minute. You will improve your efficiency for doing all your assignments and this will help long term for your career."

In addition, Rishi Khandelwal encourages every student to improve their vocabulary and academic reading and writing skills in their spare time. Everyone knows that reading books and articles is a great way to improve your vocabulary. However, very few people shortlist new words that they come across. The best way to permanently seal the knowledge and application of a new word is as follows:

“Lets say the word is hiatus mentioned in this article. Google meaning of hiatus – don’t google just hiatus because it may come up with come corporate branding material. When you type meaning of (word) Google by default gives you the meaning, synonyms, examples of sentences and importantly the sound or pronunciation of the word. In today’s digital age this is the most convenient method, which can be hard to get through a dictionary or library.”

Rishi Khandelwal also recommends students to work on their soft skills (non-technical skills). Review some practices in your day to day routine and work on certain areas. Time Management is one example. Maybe COVID has made you a bit sluggish. Now that you do not have a morning lecture or a job you decide to sleep in till later. Try to replace that activity with something productive so you can keep your routine going. Maybe do morning exercise, cooking or gardening. The point is that you will get busy soon so you need to learn how to manage your time. Oral communication is also key to success. Find a mentor, who will give you feedback on the way you speak. Many students do not realize the amount of hesitation and mistakes they make while speaking. It is different speaking to friends and family compared to a colleague.

Finally, this is great time for self-reflection and pursuing hobbies that you previously did not get opportunities. Try to join some community groups or new friends based on new interests. It will give you a fresh lease on life that you have been waiting for.
Rishi Khandelwal