Tween Eva Goodrich Joins Bleuet Girl Entrepreneurship Program

Goodrich Joins Program that Highlights and Supports Tween and Teen Girl Social Entrepreneurs

Tween Eva Goodrich Joins Bleuet Girl Entrepreneurship Program
Los Angeles, CA, November 24, 2020 --( Bleuet (, a direct to consumer startup creating undergarments designed to give tween and teen girls all-day comfort and confidence in their growing bodies, today announced that 11-year old Eva Goodrich, creator and founder of SunForGood (, has joined the Company’s Bleuet Girl Entrepreneurship Program. Bleuet aims to highlight exceptional tween or teen girls who are committed to helping others through social entrepreneurship and support these young entrepreneurs in their endeavors.

At age 10, Goodrich designed and created her first deck of SUNCards to help kids manage their anxiety. Having struggled with anxiety herself, Goodrich desired to assist other kids in developing positive coping mechanisms. SUNCards are decks of cards that use evidence-based strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology and random acts of kindness to alleviate anxiety. Each card features lovable monsters who share confidence building, positive affirmations and helpful tasks for redirection. After launching a Kickstarter campaign in August, SUNForGood was born and made a commitment that for every deck sold, another deck would be donated to a non-profit helping at risk youth.

Since launching SUNForGood, Goodrich has been determined to give thousands of decks of SUNCards to kids in need. To distribute her SUNCards, she has partnered with organizations serving kids in the foster system and kids diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

“We are delighted for Eva to join our group of outstanding girl entrepreneurs in our Bleuet Girl program,” said Elizabeth Rietz, CEO and Co-Founder of Bleuet. “By partnering with her and SUNForGood, we can support her goal of producing cards for vulnerable kids who struggle with anxiety.”

Goodrich joins a growing group of socially minded tween and teen entrepreneurs and changemakers serving their communities including Hailey O’donnell of Hailey’s Haven, Rachael Rosenburg of Bundles of Kindness and Khloe Thompson of Khloe Kares. Thompson recently joined the program this month, too.

Bleuet will partner with Goodrich by providing financial support, marketing exposure and assistance with distributing SUNCards to children in need.

For more information on the Bleuet Girl Entrepreneurship Program or to apply, visit
Elizabeth Rietz