Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental
Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental

Toll-Free Motorcycle Touring in Ecuador

New Tech to Give Motorcycle Rental Customers the Freedom to Bypass Toll Traffic

Toll-Free Motorcycle Touring in Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador, December 01, 2020 --( Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental, the country's premiere adventure motorcycle touring company, is proud to announce that it is equipping its entire rental motorcycle and 4x4 fleet with electronic toll payment tags. Their customers will no longer have to worry about carrying cash or stopping to pay tolls while renting a vehicle or participating in a motorcycle tour.

The new Telepass system will offer Ecuador Freedom's guests the ability to use the designated electronic toll lanes in the country's modern highway infrastructure. Riders will no longer have to stop, remove their gloves, and fumble for change at toll booths. The new electronic system will further reduce their chance of exposure to viruses and bacteria at toll booths while giving them more time to enjoy their experience in their rental vehicle.

“We are proud to be the first motorcycle rental company in the world to equip its entire fleet with a national electronic toll payment technology. Whether you’re renting a bike and heading off into the sunset on your own, enjoying a self-drive tour, or going on a fully guided motorcycle tour, we want you to have as much freedom as you can,” explained Court Rand, Owner and Lead Guide for the Quito-based company. “And the best part? The toll payments are on us – if you’re renting a motorcycle or a 4x4 or going on a tour with us, you won’t be paying a dime in tolls. Here in Ecuador, freedom is, in fact, free!
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