Designer Jon Sibal (JONSIBAL Design Works) Talks "Cars and Comics" with the Hard Parking Podcast

A man who leads two professional lives, Jon Sibal of JONSIBAL Design Works talks on the Hard Parking Podcast about his life designing cars from basic photoshop to advanced 3D render and modeling and then walks listeners through the comic book design process after spending years as a professional Inker within the comic book industry working on titles stemming from X-Men, Iron Man, Super Man, Batman and all things in between. This is a "can't miss" interview and discussion about humility.

Designer Jon Sibal (JONSIBAL Design Works) Talks "Cars and Comics" with the Hard Parking Podcast
Gilbert, AZ, December 09, 2020 --( Jon Sibal is highly sought after in both digital and ink artistry between two different artistic professions through comic books and advanced 3D automotive design.

Under the business name of JONSIBAL Design Works, Jon designs and aids in the conceptual process of bringing the vehicle aftermarket body into reality with final products that can been seen on social media and in person at events such as the SEMA Show for over 8 years.

Under the name of Jonathan Sibal, Jon has worked as a professional Inker in the comic book industry, credited with well over 100 works, working for big industry names like D.C. Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics and more.

Jon Sibal joined Jhae Pfenning of the Hard Parking Podcast to open up about Jon's journey from humble beginnings and his philosophical approach as he continues to navigate through his professional life of designing cars and working as an Inker in the comic book industry.

Paraphrasing Jon on professional work ethic:

"The goal is always to do the best work as much as possible. If you give them a good experience and you give them more than promised, it's a solid formula to work with. The next time a project comes up, it's easier for your name to be included. If you are a difficult artist to work with, it becomes questionable to bring you back in."

Despite having over 1 million followers across social media, find out how and why Jon Sibal continues to stay humble and continues to have that hunger to improve with each completed project.

This is a "can't miss" interview and discussion about humility.

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S2 E32: "JONSIBAL Design Works" from comic books to car designs

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