Fillmore, LLC's Collaboration in Construction

Any collaborative process must be built on trust and respect for each other's expertise and experience. This October, HNL Construction hosted a pop-up dinner to bring together companies that are like minded with a goal to succeed during the pandemic. We need now, more than ever to lean on each other for support and guidance.

Fillmore, LLC's Collaboration in Construction
Dallas, TX, December 08, 2020 --( During the pandemic, owners Toni and Mario Plascencia scaled back their operations by 50%. When Joshua Brashear with HNL construction reached out to them about participating in a pop-up dinner to raise money for The ALS Association and network with other business owners in the area their immediate answer was "maybe next year." The pandemic has everyone on edge and the COVID-19 crisis makes donating to charities and participating in events harder and harder. Mario admitted it had been difficult during the health crisis financially but if they can help out an organization and meet like minded business owners in the area to strategize about what the next 12 months would look like, he was up for it. This year a small group was taking part, rather than the anticipated 100+ or so previously discussed. You can’t just think about financial bottom lines. You have to show what else you have done to benefit our communities.

All Fillmore offices are relatively empty these days, with most staff working from home again amidst the city’s current COVID-19 wave. But one evening in late October, despite facing logistical hurdles, Toni and Mario highlighted the importance of maintaining their charity work and partnering with each other during trying times to keep our small businesses and important charities running. To learn more about The ALS Association click here:!/donation/checkout

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

Here is the footage of the 1st HNL Construction Pop Up Pairing Networking MASKerade Ball. They will host several of these a year. Venue & Dates to be announced.
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Pop-up Masquerade Ball

Pop-up Masquerade Ball

Owners, Mario and Toni Plascencia of Fillmore214, Fillmore, LLC and Fillmore HVAC of Dallas, TX attend first annual Pop-up Masquerade Ball hosted by HNL Construction.