CentiPenny Announces the Launch of Its Micropayment Service for Digital Publishers

CentiPenny is a startup looking to revolutionize the way content websites earn money through its “micropayments with an easy button” service.

CentiPenny Announces the Launch of Its Micropayment Service for Digital Publishers
Wytheville, VA, December 23, 2020 --(PR.com)-- CentiPenny announces the launch of its new micropayment service designed to fit the needs of digital publishers. With this launch, CentiPenny brings to market a viable payment solution for sub-dollar transactions which have largely been non-viable due to the transaction fees of traditional payment processors. Unlike most micropayment systems, CentiPenny does not rely on the use of cryptocurrencies, making the service available to a wide audience.

CentiPenny was designed for the real world needs of digital publishers. Businesses can use CentiPenny as the default paywall for content, in conjunction with an existing subscription paywall, for in-game or in-app purchases, or for quick checkout of digital downloads. CentiPenny’s API, which handles the entire payment process, can be integrated into a website with as little as one line of code per page.

With CentiPenny, businesses are able to charge as little as 1/100th of $0.01 up to any amount. Prices are set by the business, with default pricing and per item pricing available. From a revenue perspective, every $0.01 that a business charges translates to $10 per 1000 users.

CentiPenny was designed for ease of use by end users as well. Users spending a trivial amount of money do not want a lengthy checkout process. With CentiPenny, users are able to purchase items with a single click or take advantage of CentiPenny’s AutoPay system for automated purchasing, up to a user defined price limit.

Ad revenues have been falling since before the pandemic for digital publishers. Users have been demanding more privacy and ad-blocker usage is increasing. The one bright spot for publishers has been a modest uptick in subscriptions.

The uptick in subscriptions shows that users are willing to pay for the content, but few could afford a subscription to every website they visit each month. A quick search of Twitter shows that users are frustrated with the increasing paywall landscape and are demanding the ability to purchase ad-free access on a per content basis.

Bart Melton, CEO of CentiPenny put it this way: “The idea of micropayments has been around for several decades, but has never been successfully implemented. At CentiPenny, we set out to create a 'micropayments with an easy button' system with real world use cases in mind that would be simple to use for both businesses and users. We think that is a winning formula that has been missing from previous implementations.”

CentiPenny is a micropayment processor designed for the needs of the modern internet. Specializing in payments below the $1.00 amount and enabling even sub-penny amounts, CentiPenny allows businesses to charge for each piece of content they wish to sell. Whether it is a news article or blog post to read, video to watch, song to download, or in-game purchases. With its pre-made purchase flow, many businesses are able to integrate CentiPenny quickly and easily with as little as one line of code per page.
Bart Melton