New 1985 Games Kickstarter Dungeon Notes, a Set of 5E Journals and Guided Sticky Notes for Both D&D Players and DM’s

Portland, OR, March 11, 2021 --( 1985 Games has launched Dungeon Notes, a brand-new system, for DMs and Players alike, to keep track of their characters and the world around them. Both the journals and sticky notes are designed to enhance games by making an easy-to-understand system for notetaking, world-building and so much more.

A perfect companion for the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Player. One journal includes everything from a standard character sheet, as well as plenty of room for notes, and much more. Each journal has 64 pages with 46 pages open to notate adventures. In addition to the Player's Notes, there are a pair of journals exclusively for DMs, the Campaign Journal and the Session Journal. The Campaign Notes provides a space for you to craft a new world while the Session Notes gives a simple and efficient way to keep track of each session. This journal is the GM's ultimate world-building tool. Inside include sections for World Maps, Factions, Locations, NPCs, even a section for creating a pantheon of gods.

Sticky Notes include Hit Point Tracker Notes, Initiative Notes, and Spell Slot Notes, so Players can jump right back into combat without a second thought. The Dungeon Sticky notes come in 4 different packs. HP Tracker Pack- 5 pads of HP Tracker sticky notes. Initiative Pack- 5 pads of Initiative sticky notes. Spell Slot Pack- 5 pads of Spell Slot sticky notes. Variety Pack- 1 pad of NPC sticky notes, 1 pad of Location sticky notes, 1 pad of Faction sticky notes, 1 pad of Inventory sticky notes, and 1 pad of Quest sticky notes.

The Kickstarter launched March 9, was funded in one day and is set to end on April 9, 2021.
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Lenny Gotter