DiW Manufacture Introduced "The Black Grail Project"

A new high-end customization project is here. The Black Grail project is the latest release of DiW Manufacture, and is the result of high-tech innovation and traditional watchmaking. Finally, the Nautilus ref. 5711 acquired a modern look, as it is crafted with high-end carbon fiber elements.

DiW Manufacture Introduced "The Black Grail Project"
Moscow, Russia, April 22, 2021 --(PR.com)-- The high-end customization watch market is on its highs at the moment, as traditional timepieces are becoming a little “boring” for some watch collectors. No wonder why several Bespoke Manufactures moved to high-end customization of the most desired collector’s watches. This time, DiW Manufacture is releasing its most important project so far, the “Black Grail” project.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711 is, perhaps, one of the most iconic timepieces that ever existed. Not only it is meticulously crafted, and historically belongs to one of the most, if not the most trusted and respected watch manufacture of all time, but also is one of the designs created by Mr. Gerald Genta.

Every serious watch collector either has a 5711 in its collection or is looking for one. Unfortunately, getting one from an official dealer is almost impossible, due to the very low supply and long waiting list. In the secondary market these pieces resell for almost 3 times their retail value.

DiW Manufacture, a renown Bespoke Manufacture, famous for their innovative design solutions, finally released a long-awaited project involving the Nautilus.

The “Black Grail” project is the result of innovation applied to traditional watchmaking. As a Patek Philippe is the equivalent of flawless craftsmanship, such a customization project should be made in accordance of the stablished quality standards.

This new project includes almost a full high-end carbon fiber bracelet, along with black DLC coated upper links and case. The bezel is also crafted in carbon fiber, providing an interesting a unique appeal to this piece.

It took over 10 months of development and 6 months of manufacturing to craft the first “Black Grail” piece. Produced only upon request, this particular custom piece won’t be accessible for everyone, as in order to order one, you should have a purchasing history at DiW. Indeed, it is normal practice to shrink the supply of the most demanded watches, but as DiW is an independent, Bespoke Manufacture, it becomes even harder for it to find a Nautilus in the market.

The PP Nautilus ref. 5711 is powered by the 324 S C in-house caliber, and it is showcased from a sapphire exhibition back case. The finishing of the movement and external components of this piece is second to none. The hardest part of this project is, indeed, related with crafting the carbon fiber bracelet, as each single link is handcrafted and finished to perfection.

The order/production time of the Black Grail project is about 10 weeks, and its tag price (including the base model watch) is 179 990 euros. The customization service itself is 79 990 euros.

More information on the Black Grail project can be found on Designa Individual Manufacture’s website, at: https://designa-individual.com/en/watches
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Gleb Karlsen