New Hollywood Tutor Book Promises to Make You Sound Brilliant in Conversations and Dialogues, Now Live on Kindle

Many students go right into talking with friends. This book will introduce you to some of the styles Americans use. Enjoy and have fun; the exchanges are funny, some are serious. After the dialogues are twenty-five additional conversations, these are shorter than the dialogues, less thematic but quick, and filled with idiomatic expressions and Hollywood moments.

New Hollywood Tutor Book Promises to Make You Sound Brilliant in Conversations and Dialogues, Now Live on Kindle
Los Angeles, CA, June 08, 2021 --( The first section on dialogues includes Visiting Hollywood, Taking the Metro, Pitching a Hollywood Screenplay, Shopping at the Flea Market, Buying a slice of Pizza, Ordering at a Delicatessen, Jazz Cats, COVID-warning signs, At the Plastic Surgeon, Pronunciation Tongue, Twisters, Motorcycle Police Officer, Taking a Taxicab, the Car Mechanic, COVID-Emergency Room, COVID-Symptoms, Pronunciation Tongue Twisters, Mortgage Refinance, William Shakespeare, At the Yogurt Shop, Grocery Shopping, Cover letter for Resume, A Job interview, The Florist Shop, At the Post Office, The Beauty Salon, Playing Poker.

The second section contains different short conversations and current events. Topics such as: When were you born?; How is the weather?; The Five Senses; How to ask the time; Time of Day expressions; Complaints; Invitations and Exits; Questions, and exits; How to complain like an American; Not feeling well; Checking in; Global warming; Apologies and Condolences; Simple greetings; Directions and Questions; Personal Compliments; COVID; Numbers; What and When; Different years and Dates.

The third section has several different pronunciation guides and exercises for learning some of the secrets of sounding like an American, including Pronunciation Speech Measures, Pronunciation Pauses and breaths, Pronunciation Word sound levels, Pronunciation Allophones, Pronunciation of final [-ed], Modal verbs, Demonstratives, Pronunciation key with diction.

Mitch Rubman is the author of The Hollywood Tutor's American English (500pp), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Interview and Naturalization Exam Study Guide (65pp), as well as Everyday Dialogues and Brilliant Conversations (100pp), Blog:, (317pp).
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