Blue Shark Vodka & Atlantic Shark Institute Launch Research Project, Tag a Blue or Two

Wilmington, NC, June 03, 2021 --( Blue Shark Vodka has partnered with The Atlantic Shark Institute to launch a shark-tagging mission this summer gathering critical data needed for blue shark conservation.

Founder Mark Bloomquist will travel with Atlantic Shark Institute founder and executive director Jon Dodd and his team to tag 10 female blues with tracking devices as part of a long-term study. The team will begin the expedition in Portland, Maine June 18, and follow their annual migration route as far south as Boston to tag blues. From there, Blue Shark Vodka will follow along with the sharks via satellite as they swim past the vodka’s hometown of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Previous studies have focused on male blue sharks, so there is significant value in finding and tagging some of the more elusive females. Once captured, the researchers will take a tissue sample, attach a SPOT (Smart Position or Temperature Transmitting Tag) and then release them back into the Atlantic. When SPOT tags break the surface of the water, the devices “ping” satellites to let researchers know where the tagged sharks are.

“We will be able to plot each shark when they surface to see where they go, when, how long they stay, if they travel together and much more,” Dodd said. “With each tag lasting about two years, this research will be critical to understanding more about these critically important sharks. In addition, analysis of the tissue sample should allow us to determine critical information about the condition, health, reproductive state and more of each shark which will allow us to create a more detailed picture of this species.”

Sadly blue sharks and other shark species are in rapid population decline, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which currently lists the blue shark as, “near threatened.”

For that reason, Blue Shark Vodka has committed to help fund this research project to aid in better understanding this iconic shark and long-term survival and sustainability.

“Sharks are often misunderstood and people are shocked when I tell them about how docile blue sharks are,” said Blue Shark Vodka founder Mark Bloomquist. “We started our company with a great love for sharks and the hope we can create an awareness around their importance and their incredible value to the planet. We are thrilled to partner with Jon Dodd and his world-class organization, as they share the same vision of the world fully embracing the importance of sharks to the ocean ecosystem.”

Follow @BlueSharkVodka and @Atlantic_Shark on Instagram for updates throughout the months of June and July 2021. Follow the tagging team and ultimately follow the tagged blue sharks as we track them across the Atlantic during their migration.

About Blue Shark Vodka
Blue Shark Vodka is a family-owned spirits company on a mission to preserve and protect the sharks swimming up North Carolina’s coast and beyond. The sweet corn mash that goes into each small batch of vodka is behind the success of it being the world’s smoothest vodka. Blue Shark Vodka is currently available in all North Carolina ABC stores in both 750mL bottles and 1.5L bottles.

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About The Atlantic Shark Institute

The Atlantic Shark Institute conducts critical research and provides much-needed support and resources to the most respected shark researchers working in the northwest Atlantic. The result is high quality shark research completed in an open and collaborative way. The goal of the Atlantic Shark Institute is to partner with these researchers to answer the most pressing questions concerning the biology, survival and sustainability of sharks in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.
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