Vast Majority of Attorneys & Expert Witnesses Call for Increased Cryptocurrency Regulation in New Advice Company Survey

While Half of Experts and Attorneys (49%) See Cryptocurrency as Very Speculative and One-in-Five (18%) See it as a Fraud or Ponzi Scheme, an Equal Number Wish They Had Bought Some.

Vast Majority of Attorneys & Expert Witnesses Call for Increased Cryptocurrency Regulation in New Advice Company Survey
Sausalito, CA, July 20, 2021 --( Cryptocurrencies have recently played a dramatic role in impacting our understanding of financial speculation, cybercrime, and ransomware. Ever since breaking onto the scene in 2009, cryptocurrencies have continued to remain an intensely polarizing phenomenon. While cryptocurrency proponents argue it is a revolutionary new form of currency that will democratize finance and change the world, others contend it is nothing more than an elaborate scam.

Advice Company, interested in what highly educated attorneys and experts thought of cryptocurrencies, initiated a cryptocurrency opinion survey. The survey solicited responses from a diverse group of experts and attorneys. Despite the fact that many of the respondents had widely different areas of expertise and varying levels of familiarity with cryptocurrencies, survey responses showed a relatively high amount of agreement and some common themes.

While half of respondents view cryptocurrency as very speculative and the vast majority believe it needs further regulation, roughly a third (31%) reported personally purchasing cryptocurrencies. Additionally, many attorneys have already dealt with cryptocurrency matters (18%), and many more (55%) expect to do so in the future as part of their legal practice.

Clearly cryptocurrencies, at least for the near future, are here to stay. As ExpertPages member and cryptocurrency expert Richard Sanders of CipherBlade, a Blockchain Investigation Agency, commented: "Most people will be utilizing this innovation within a decade, likely without realizing it. [The] broader society can't ignore the elephant in the room just because we don't like or understand it..."

Recent headlines, including the FBI's seizure of millions of dollars in bitcoin from the Colonial Pipeline Hackers, have shown that cryptocurrencies will continue to create new challenges for law enforcement and the legal system. As ExpertPages member Dr. Stephen Castell, a software quality and computer evidence expert, commented: Absent appropriate regulation, "we will see a continuing escalation of crypto scams, frauds, failures, investigations, criminal prosecutions and civil disputes which would not be healthy for the financial system, nor for society at large."

At Advice Company, members of their newly revamped sites – and – are poised to continue to play an essential role in the development of, and response to, the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

The 7-Page Top Line Report in PDF format is attached.

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Cryptocurrencies … the Future, a Fad,  or Simply a Fraud?

Cryptocurrencies … the Future, a Fad, or Simply a Fraud?

Trial Attorneys and Expert Witnesses share their opinions regarding the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon - Top Line Report