Modern Struktures is Innovating Tiny Living on Florida Waters

Their Hauser Boat model is a low cost, eco friendly floating home for tiny living on the water. Modern Struktures Inc. today announced that its new Hauser Boat models are now available. The Hauser Boat is a floating home made of aluminum and designed for temporary housing, in law quarters, vacation rentals, pop ups or more unique real estate opportunities.

Modern Struktures is Innovating Tiny Living on Florida Waters
Hollywood, FL, September 24, 2021 --( The Hauser Boat model is a low cost, eco-friendly floating home.

Modern Struktures Inc. today announced that its new Hauser Boat models are now available. The Hauser Boat is a versatile floating home designed for permanent docked living. They are built to Florida code, are hurricane tolerant and can create passive income, additional living space or a unique real estate opportunity.

“Growing up in South Florida, our parents had a small house in the Keys near Marathon. In April, we caught lobsters for the mini season and in November we rented our vacation home for the winter for as long as I can remember. I recall my grandparents needing the rent money to cover the property taxes and insurance,” said Modern Struktures Founder Michael Saavedra. “Miami has amazing weather, but is very harsh on outdoor finishes. I knew I could use my experience in high-end aluminum restorations to craft an amazing and durable unit.”

Modern Struktures uses modular manufacturing for rapid completion and to provide low-cost, eco-friendly housing. All of the finish colors and interior layouts can be customized and each Hauser Boat model comes in a standard 10’ by 32’ size. The models are currently being fabricated near Fort Lauderdale, Florida with prices starting at $120,000 to $150,000 fully furnished. In addition to permanent docked living, the Hauser Boat is perfect for temporary housing, vacation rentals, office spaces and more. Motorized and non-motorized versions are available.

The Hauser Boats are fully constructed of durable aluminum and built to last. The exterior cladding is hurricane rated and provides superior fire resistance. Stability is provided by tri-toon aluminum pontoons, which require low long-term maintenance. Future versions will include a complete off-grid floating home version with solar power, water desalination and sewage treatment on board.

Humble beginnings and opportunity led Saavedra and his mother to reinvent the unique floating home units. The team operated a powder coating facility thus the Hauser Boat model was created using durable aluminum and composites combined with an amazing design.

“We envisioned homeowners with spare dock space using Hauser Boats for everything from in-law quarters to classrooms and man caves or she sheds, and especially vacation rental units for additional income,” said Saavedra. “Homeowners can generate profits like never before from their unused dock spaces.”

Modern Struktures serves Fort Lauderdale; Miami; Tampa; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Salzalito, California; and any coastal or lake cities with houseboat communities. The company offers a no down payment plan to jump start vacation rental earnings today.

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