IronOrbit Presents at the National ACEC Fall Conference

IronOrbit Presents at the National ACEC Fall Conference
Anaheim Hills, CA, November 04, 2021 --( IronOrbit unveils new automation capabilities and robust management platform at national meeting of architects, engineers, and construction industry leaders.

IronOrbit, a fully integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider, delivers keynote presentation at National ACEC’s Fall Conference, held at Marco Island. The presentation discusses How to Future-Proof your Firm and the importance of being agile and adaptable, while adopting scalable, secure, and cost-e­ffective technology solutions that:

- Reduce Cycle Times
- Enable Mobility
- Allow Self-Service
- Reduce Costs
- Foster Collaboration
- Empower Remote Working
- Create Value
- Optimize Performance
- Improve Local Support

The AEC industry is at an inflection point with the growing need to embrace emerging digital technologies more quickly. Technology-driven innovation is transforming the way AEC firms operate by enabling big data, real-time analytics, and virtual or augmented reality. The ACEC National conference o­ffers AEC firm executives an opportunity to hear from industry experts, attend educational forums on industry hot topics, and partake in engaging C-level round table discussions.

“We are honored to participate in this year’s national conference,” said the company’s VP of Marketing & Sales, Ayman Ayoub. “AEC firms need to build strong reputations for delivering quality projects on time and budget. They’ll need a solid yet flexible, comprehensive cloud-based technology solution to compete. We want them to know what to look for so that they’re not making decisions based on expediency or cost alone. They need to look at the big picture and make decisions based on where they want to be tomorrow, not where their firm is at today.”

For AEC firms, moving their IT systems to a cloud environment is a crucial step. Migration to the cloud creates a solid foundation for adopting developing technologies. Scaling up or out on the cloud is faster, more secure, and more cost-eff­ective than traditional on-premises environments. The ACEC recognizes the industry-wide adoption of digital technologies is a competitive necessity to attract the best talent, empower remote project teams, and maintain a sustainable infrastructure.

ACEC is a national federation of 52 state and regional organizations representing more than 5,000 engineering firms and over 560,000 engineers, surveyors, architects, and other specialists nationwide. ACEC member firms drive the design of America’s infrastructure.

IronOrbit recently hosted their What’s Up AEC, virtual roundtable discussion on the pending infrastructure bill. Attendees discussed the proposed measures of the bill and its potential implications for the AEC industry. The featured guest was ACEC Vice-chair and Chair-elect, Charles Gozdziewski. Learn more at
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